Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lake Air Playlist: Week of 12-08-13

Segment One

Track: Morning Glow
Artist: Onaje Allan Gumbs
Album: That Special Part of Me
Label: GRP

Track: Imagining
Artist: Janice Faber
Album: Carried Away
Label: self-released

Track: After the Curtain Closes
Artist: Matt Porter
Album: Lies We Speak, Secrets We Keep
Label: self-released

Track: Canyon Lands
Artists: Lanz and Speer
Album: Desert Vision
Label: Narada

Segment Two

Track: Astoria
Artist: Steve Laury
Album: Keepin' the Faith
Label: Columbia

Track: Medicine Man
Artist: Primal Instinct
Album: Heart of the Rainforest
Label: Earth Tone

Track: Sugar
Artist: Elin
Album: Lazy Afternoon
Label: Blue Toucan

Track: Deep at Night
Artist: Alex de Grassi
Album: Deep at Night
Label: Windham Hill

Segment Three

Track: Three Quarters
Artist: Steve Bach
Album: More Than a Dream
Label: Soundwing

Track: Last Summer Song
Artist: Acoustic Alchemy
Album: Early Alchemy
Label: GRP

Track: Going Down in Flames
Artist: Maura O'Connell
Album: Don't I Know
Label: Sugar Hill

Track: Ruby, My Dear
Artist: Tom Schuman
Album: Schuman Nature
Label: Rhombus

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