Monday, October 21, 2013

Jazz Progressions Playlist: Week of 10-20-13

Segment One

First Light by Camel
CD: Rain Dances (Deram)

Upward Curve by Isotope
CD: Isotope (Esoteric)

Gaz by Gary Boyle
CD: Electric Glide (Esoteric)

Segment Two

Kara Suite by David Wertman
LP: Kara Suite (Mustevic)

Tangenten 12 & 13 by The Ekkehard Jost Quintet
LP: Carambolage (View)

Segment Three

N.Y. Situation 1 and 2 by TTT
LP: Isle in the Ocean (Music Corporation)

Long Time No See by Pat Metheny and Ornette Coleman
CD: Song X (Geffen)

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