Monday, July 8, 2013

Sounds From the Global Village Playlist: Week of 07-07-13

Segment One

Three Wee Jigs by Saor Patrol
CD: Two Headed Dog (ARC)

Mimuna by Marchane Abdelkbir Lechab
CD: The Music of Islam, Vol. 6: Al-Maghrib, Gnawa Music (Celestial Harmonies)

Lands of Fire by Roberto Perra
CD: Alma del Sur (Narada)

Segment Two

Kaloum Tonkhouma by Takaja
CD: Takaja (Celestial Harmonies)

Y Byd Hip Hop vs Y Byd Cymraeg by Tystion
CD: Hen Gelwydd Prydain Newydd (Ankstmusik)

Alabansiosa by Manny Oquendo y Libre
CD: Ritmo Afro-Cubano (Fantasy/Concord)

Segment Three

Libros Sagrados by Gondwana
CD: Latin Reggae (Putumayo)

Dr. Gilbert's by Karen Tweed and Timo Alakotila
CD: May Monday (Northside)

Naratan Hiona by Narasarito Pan Pipers
CD: Solomon Islands: Cry of the Ancestors (ARC)

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