Friday, April 12, 2013

Jazz Progressions Playlist: Week of 04-14-13

Segment One

Prins Handrik Garden by Burton Greene
LP: Celesphere (Futura)

Segment Two

Funnels by Allan Holdsworth
CD: Atavachron (Restless)

PM's AM by Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition
CD: Audio-Visualscapes (Impulse!)

Continuance by Adam Rogers
CD: Apparitions (Criss Cross)

Segment Three

La Ferme de Brique Aux Joise Creuse by The Mico Nissim Trio
LP: Glucose Confectionnerie (Futura)

Trio 2 by Eje Thelin, Jouk Minor, and Pierre Favre
LP: Candles of Vision (Calig)

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