Friday, January 4, 2013

Classics And Beyond Playlist: Week of 01-06-13

Segment One: Cornelius Duffalo
Work: Prima Volta
Composer: John King
Work: Four Fragments
Composer: Huang Ruo
Work: Violin Loop V
Composer: Cornelius Duffalo
Performer: Cornelius Duffalo: Violin
CD: Journaling (Innova)

Segment Two: The Galactic Explorers
Works: Ethereal Jazz/Venus Rusing
Performers: The Galactic Explorers
Johannes Lutz: Moog, Organ
Holst Seisert: Synthesizers, Electric Piano, Effects
Reinhard Karwatky: Percussion, Synthesizers, Organ
LP: Epitaph for Venus (Repertoire)

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