Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sounds From the Global Village 1810


Segment One

Grattis Lotta by Per Gudmundson and Bengan Janson
CD: Hjeltamôs (Naxos Sweden)

Gentle Sunset by Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan Ali Bangash, Ayaan Ali Bangash and Elmira Darvarova
CD: Peace Worshiper (Affetto Recordings)

Denseou (Alternate Take) by The Ammasu Akapoma Group
CD: Ammasu: More Drumming (Country and Eastern)

Segment Two

Men el Bab el Shebbak by Fayza Ahmed
CD: Arabic Queens (Maghred Hits)

Saraba/Iya Ko Ko  by Umeko Ando
CD: Ihunke (Chikar Studio)

Chipindura by Stella Chiwishe
CD: Kasahwa: Early Singles (Glitterbeat)

Segment Three

Al Wilaid al Daif by Mustafa Modawi and Ibrahim Hassan
CD: Two Niles to Sing a Melody: The Violins and Synths of Sudan (Ostinato)

A Maid That's Deep in Love by Pentangle
CD Box Set: The Albums 1968-1972 (Cherry Red)

Alergico de Flores by Laranja Freak
Double CD: The Rough Guide to Psychedelic Brazil (World Music Network)

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