Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2013


Segment One

Fantasy in D Flat by The Adam Shulman Sextet
CD: Full Tilt (Cellar Live)

Yesterdays by Michael Cochrane
CD: Discovery (Steeplechase)

Keep the Master in Mind by Heads of State
CD: Four in One (Smoke Sessions)

Segment Two

Blues for Sheila by Charles Earland
CD: Slammin' and Jammin' (Savant)

You Go to My Head by Ann Richards
CD: Ann, Man! (Atlantic)

Just in Time by Adam Makowicz
CD: A Handful of Stars (Solid)

Segment Three

Tenor Madness by Ari Ambrose and Stephen Riley
CD: Tenor Treats (Steeplechase)

Racing by The George Wallington Trio
Double CD: Complete Sessions 1949-1956 (Fresh Sound)

Exactly Like You by Ove Lind
Digital Album: Swingin' Down the Lane (Vax)

Monday, August 3, 2020

Classics and Beyond 2013


Segment One

Manuel de Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain
Gonzalo Soriano: Piano
Orchestra of the Paris Conservatoire
Raphael Fruhbeck de Burgos: Conductor
LP: Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain/Harpsichord Concerto No. 2 (Angel)

Segment Two

Richard Strauss: Concerto for Oboe and Small Orchestra in D Major
Lothar Koch: Oboe
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Herbert Von Karajan: Conductor
LP: Strauss: Oboe Concerto/Horn Concerto No. 2 (Deutsche Grammophon)

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Jazz and More 08-02-20

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

A Time for Love by the Mike Moreno Trio
CD: Three for Three (Criss Cross)

Neeta by The Ted Dunbar Quartet
CD: Gentle Time Alone (Steeplechase)

Hour One Segment Two

Rapunzel by The Hoops McCann Band
CD: Plays the Music of Steely Dan (MCA)

A Medley of Songs by Stevie Wonder by The Airmen of Note
LP: On the Air (U.S. Air Force)

Hour One Segment Three

Crystal Dance by Tom Barabas
CD: Piano Impressions (Soundings of the Planet)

Mediterranean Suite by Ralph Zurmuhle
CD: Equinox (Valley)

Hour One Segment Four

Hunting Song by Pentangle
CD: Basket of Light (Shanachie)

My Brown-Haired Maiden Love of My Hart by Silly Wizard
CD: Kiss the Tears Away (Shanachie)

Hour Two Segment One

Sisko by Steve Wilson
CD: Generations (Concord)

Dream Dancing by Dave Young
CD: Mean What You Say (self-released)

Hour Two Segment Two

A Valencia by Iceberg
CD: Coses Nostres (Picap)

Captain Fingers by Lee Ritenour
CD: Captain Fingers (Epic)

Hour Two Segment Three

Panorphelia by Edgar Froese
CD: Aqua (Virgin)

Add Space to Time by Software
CD: Electronic Universe Part 1 (Innovative Communication)

Hour Two Segment Four

Samba di Lobo by Burkhard Wolters
Roundhouse by Dylan Fowler
CD: Acoustic Guitar Highlights, Vol. 4 (Solid Air)

Hour Three Segment One

Past Tense by Adam Makowicz
CD: A Handful of Stars (Solid)

Snuffaluffagas by Brittany Anjou
CD: Enamigo Recriprokataj (Origin)

Hour Three Segment Two

Theme From "Blow Up" by Bob Sneider and Joe Locke
CD: Nocturne for Ava (Origin)

Quick and Running by Gary Burton
CD: Reunion (GRP)

Hour Three Segment Three

Mad Rush by Philip Glass
CD: Solo Piano (Sony)

Hour Three Segment Four

Summer Fields by Wind Machine
CD: Change of Face (Blue Meteor)

Africa by Checkfield
CD: Water Wind and Stone (American Gramaphone)

Euphonia by Vincenzo Zitello
CD: Euphonia (Narada)

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2002


Segment One

Living Thunder by Bruce Becvar
CD: The Nature of Things (Shining Star)

Storm River by Jim Chappell
CD: Living the Northern Summer (Music West)

Light by Deuter
CD: Cicada (Kuckuck)

Catu by Ikarus
CD: Touched the Sun (Earth Tone)

Fortune Smiles by Barbara Higbie
CD: Windham Hill Piano Sampler II (Windham Hill)

Segment Two

Horizon by Oystein Sevag
CD: Close Your Eyes and See (Windham Hill)

You Saw His Eyes by Mary McLaughlin
CD: Daughter of Lir (Gourd)

Spring Temple Forest by Iasos
CD: Realms of Light (Inter-Dimensional)

Miasma by Bill Mize
CD: Tender Explorations (Moon Pie in the Sky)

I Wonder Where You Went by Michelle Sell
CD: Secret Harbor (Sugo)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2003


Segment One

Wrong Reasons by Davol
CD: Nature of the Beast (Silver Wave)

Los Moros by Gino D'Auri
CD: Flamenco Mystico (Hearts of Space)

Natural Habitat by Kit Walker
CD: Dancing on the Edge of the World (Windham Hill)

Unicorn by the Blue Chip Orchestra
CD: Magic Age II (Erdenklang)

Toys Not Ties by Nightnoise
CD: Something of Time (Windham Hill)

Segment Two

Footprints in the Sky by Meg Bowles
CD: Blue Cosmos (Kumatone)

Sleeping Lady by Alex de Grassi
CD: Slow Circle (Windham Hill)

The Medicine Wheel by James Asher
CD: Globalarium (Silver Wave)

Water Circles by Mia Jang
CD: Water Circles (Narada)

L'enfant by Vangelis
CD: Opera Sauvage (Polydor)

Impreston by David Stevenson
CD: Echoes of an Inner Domain (self-released)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2006


Segment One

Samadhi by Shiho
CD: Purple Sails (Hearts of Space)

Elysian Fields by William Ellwood
CD: Natural Selection (Narada)

Awakening by Secret Garden
CD: Just the Two of Us (Hearts of Space)

Illumination by Gershon Kingsley
CD: Cruisers 1.0 (Hearts of Space)

The Buttonhole by Patrick Ball
CD: Fiona (Celestial Harmonies)

Segment Two

Waterfall by Sandy Owen
CD: Soliloquy (Ivory)

The Silent Pool by Children of Dub
CD: The Silent Pool (Diversity)

Because of the Rain by James Wilkinson
CD: Because of the Rain (White Cloud)

Ocala by Wayne Gratz
CD: The Narada Wilderness Collection (Narada)

Micro Macro by Andreas Vollenweider
CD: Behind the Gardens, Behind the Wall, Under the Tree (Columbia)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2007


Segment One

Aurora by Giles Reaves
CD: Sea of Glass (Hearts of Space)

The Place Where Monarchs Go by Lawrence Blatt
CD: Emergence (LMB)

Delta Waves by Ben Cox
CD: Consciousness and Other Tricks of the Light (Spotted Peccary)

Coming Home by Peter Kater
CD: Piano (Point of Light)

Ethereal Mood by Jean-Luc Ponty
CD: Cosmic Messenger (Atlantic)

Segment Two

Meeresleuchten by Kamal
CD: Quiet Earth (New Earth)

Lydia by Tim Story
CD: The Perfect Flaw (Hearts of Space)

Inside by Moby
CD: Play (Mute)

Northern Lights by Emily Bear
CD: The Love in Us (self-released)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2005


Segment One

Black Garden View by Christopher Franke
CD: Pacific Coast Highway (Private Music)

Sunset by David Qualey
CD: Soliloquy (Windham Hill)

Angelico by Bill Douglas
CD: Jewel Lake (Hearts of Space)

A Delicate Balance by Lisa Downing
CD: A Delicate Balance (self-released)

You Are the Ocean by Schawkie Roth and Deborah Henson-Conant
CD: You Are the Ocean (Orb)

Segment Two

Half Moon Bay by William Aura
CD: Half Moon Bay (Higher Octave)

Hope for the Sun by Laura Sullivan
CD: Piano Solos (self-released)

Riding With Thunder by The Native Flute Ensemble
CD: Riding Thunder (Talking Taco)

Another Journey by O Yuki Conjugate
CD: Undercurrents (Solei Moon)

Wind River by Scott Moulton
CD: Light on the Mountain (Revere)

The Child Grows by Jon Mark
CD: Land of Merlin (Celestial Harmonies)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2004


Segment One

Sunflowers by Kevin Kendle
CD: Flowers (New World)

111 by MK-Ultra
CD: Voodoo Roux (Waveform)

First Ride by Paul Halley and Eugene Friesen
CD: New Friend (Living Music)

Sympathy and Acknowledgement by Mark Isham
CD: Vapor Drawings (Windham Hill)

Segment Two

Land of Oz by Hilary Stagg
CD: Dream Spiral (Real Music)

Storms in Africa by Enya
CD: Watermark (Reprise)

Our Salvadoran Brothers by Wind Machine
CD: Rain Maiden (Silver Wave)

Surrender by Michael Gettel
CD: Wind and Reed (Narada)

Exile by Tuu
CD: One Thousand Years (Waveform)

Amy's Song by Peggy Stern
CD: Sundown (Windham Hill)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2001


Segment One

Butterflies in Space by Michael Jones
CD: Sunscapes (Narada)

The Isle of Gold and Silver by Himekami
CD: Journey to Zipangu (Higher Octave)

Sueno Con Mexico by Pat Metheny
CD: New Chautauqua (ECM)

Unbelievers by The Etherealites
CD: Earthjuice, Vol. 1 (Waveform)

Segment Two

The Hunting of the Unicorn by Judith Pintar
CD: At Last the Wind (Narada)

Faraday by Free System Projekt
CD: A Pointless Reminder (self-released)

Nights in White Satin by David Lanz
Double CD: Skyline Firedance (Narada)

Mind Thing by Lorelei
CD: Spiritus (Soundings of the Planet)

Bye Bye Lullaby by Martin Kolbe
CD: Guitar Works (Narada)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2008


Segment One

Blues From the Rainforest by Merl Saunders
CD: Blues From the Rainforest (Sumertone)

Awakening the Light by David Allen Nichols
CD: Evidence (self-released)

Dhobapara by Chinmaya Dunster
CD: Sacred Temples of India (New Earth)

Philip's Whimsy by Chris Proctor
CD: Runoff/The Delicate Dance (Rounder)

Segment Two

Colors/Dance by George Winston
CD: Autumn (Windham Hill)

She Moved Through the Fair by Mike Oldfield
CD: Voyager (Warner Brothers)

Kalasasaya by Inkuyo
CD: Art From Sacred Landscapes (Celestial Harmonies)

Octavia by Michel Genest
CD: Crystal Fantasy (Narada)

Tuscany by Suzanne Ciani
CD: Pianissimo (Private Music)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2009


Segment One

First Light by Chris Haugen
Digital Album: First Light (Real Music)

Feel by Hiroshi Yoshimura
Digital Album: Green (Light in the Attic)

Elements by Ira Stein and Russel Walder
CD: Elements (Windham Hill)

Aquasonic by A Positive Life
CD: Synaesthetic (Waveform)

Segment Two

Americana by Jim Brickman
Digital Album: Soothe (Green Hill)

Blue Jay by Georgia Kelly
CD: Gardens of the Sun (Global Pacific)

Lady of Shalott by Loreena McKennitt
CD: The Visit (Quinlan Road)

Century Seasons by Jonn Serrie
CD: Midsummer Century (Miramar)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2010


Segment One

Morning in Medonte by Michael Jones
CD: Morning in Medonte (Narada)

Time and the River by Fred Simon
CD: Usually/Always (Windham Hill)

Enchanted Forest by Tsa'ne Dos'e
CD: Moon Spirits (Sound of America)

Pond Life by Malaysian Pale
CD: Nature's Fantasies (Fortuna)

Segment Two

Shape of the Land by Glen Helgeson
CD: Spirit of the Wood (Inspired Artists)

Cloud Patterns by Ian Pooley
CD: Since Then (V2)

David of the White Rock by Cheryl Ann Fulton
CD: The Airs of Wales (Koch)

Orange by Higher Intelligence Agency
CD: Colourform (Headphone)

Night Song by Mia Jang
CD: Sweet Dreams (Narada)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2011


Segment One

Driving by William Ackerman
CD: The Sound of Wind Driven Rain (Windham Hill)

Monopology 3 by Gert Blokzijl
CD: Monopology (self-released)

Getting to Give by Douglas Trowbridge
CD: Memories of Twilight (Meadowlark)

Waterfall by Laura Allen
LP: Reflections (Gramavision)

Stark Raven by Greg Klamt
CD: Fluxus Quo (Spotted Peccary)

Segment Two

Port of Mystery by Yanni
CD: Keys to Imagination (Private Music)

Within the Rose of Lavender by Jim Chappell
CD: Laughter at Dawn (Real Music)

Amphorae by Vincenzo Zitello
CD: Solo (self-released)

Sunrise by Radhika Miller
CD: Sunlit Reverie (Real Music)

Light Shines Through by Kevin Wood
Digital Album: Eternal (Real Music)

Moon and Tide by Edoardo Bignozzi
CD: Acoustic Guitar Highlights Vol. 5 (Solid Air)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2012


Segment One

Frontiers by Brian Becvar
CD: Prayer for Humanity (Innermedia)

It's Going to Rain by Kostia
CD: 10 Pebbles (Narada)

Full of Life by John Gregorius
CD: Full of Life (Spotted Peccary)

Twilight Dream by Mike Rowland
CD: And So to Dream (Oreade)

Autumn in a Forest Glade by Rudy Adrian
CD: Woodlands (Spotted Peccary)

Segment Two

Buffalo Trail by The Blue Chip Orchestra
CD: Red Sky Beat (Hearts of Space)

This Spring, Release 10.000 Butterflies by Ottmar Liebert
CD: One Guitar (Spiral Subwave)

Click to Order by Jafu
CD: Add to Cart (Waveform)

The Dance No. 1 by Laraaji and Brian Eno
CD: Ambient 3: Day of Radiance (EG)

Makiko Smile by Szakcsi
CD: Eve of Chance (GRP)

Lake Air 2011


Segment One

Eve's Song by Oli Silk
CD: So Many Ways (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)

Mrs. B by Doug Smith
CD: Order of Magnitude (American Gramaphone)

You Are the One by Bluey
CD: Tinted Sky (Shanachie)

Just Between Us by Boney James
CD: Backbone (Craft)

Segment Two

Vibin' in Time by Alex Parchment
Single: Vibin' in Time (Next Paradigm)

Waiting in the Wings by Richard Souther
Digital Album: Waiting in the Wings (self-released)

Every Generation by Ronnie Laws
CD: Every Generation (United Artists)

Whatever Happens by Larry Carlton
CD: Alone/But Never Alone (MCA)

Segment Three

Unicorn by Bob James
CD: Sign of the Times (Tappan Zee)

Tapaloka by Bruce Becvar
CD: Rhythms of Life (Higher Octave)

Soft by Chuck Mangione
CD: Chase the Clouds Away (A&M)

Italia by Will Donato
CD: What it Takes (Innervision)

Friday, July 31, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2012


Segment One

For Those Who Do by Mike Moreno
CD: Three for Three (Criss Cross)

Five O'clock Shadow by The Cool Gabriels
LP: Cool Gabriels (Groove)

In Passing by Gordon Johnson
CD: Trios (Igmod)

Segment Two

Serendipity by Zach Brock
CD: Serendipity (Criss Cross)

Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good to You? by Laura Underwood
CD: Tell the World I Said So (self-released)

Ad Infinitum by The Art Farmer Quartet
CD: Sing Me Softly of the Blues (Atlantic)

Segment Three

Fool on the Hill by Mark Cally
CD: Mark Cally Plays Standards (self-released)

I Didn't Know About You by The Eddie Higgins Trio
CD: Don't Smoke in Bed (Venus)

Tonk by Holly Hofmann
CD: Minor Miracle (Capri)

Something Beautiful 2011


Segment One

Willow Weep for Me b John Fox
Love Me Tender by Emiliano Salvador
Days of Wine and Roses by Johnny Douglas
Midnight Blue by George Siravo
Out of Africa by Moonlight Orchestra
Theme From "Two for the Road" by Henry Mancini
The Anonymous Venetian by Stelvio Cipriani
As Time Goes By by Norrie Paramor
Maria Elena by Los Indios Tabajaras

Segment Two

Plaisir D'Amour by Geoff Love
Are You Lonesome Tonight? by 101 Strings
No Other Love by Tony Osborne
Moonshadow by Lex de Azevedo
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World by Norrie Paramor
Theme From "The Godfather, Part II" by Roger Williams
Beyond the Sea by Gordon Langford
Cry Me a River by John Fox
Hard to Say I'm Sorry by Seymore Light
Tenderly by David Rose

Jazz Progressions 2011


Segment One

Zavana by Marty Fogel
CD: Many Bobbing Heads, at Last... (CMP)

Angle of Incidents by David Torn and Geoffrey Gordon
CD: Best Laid Plans (ECM)

Peril Premonition by Allan Holdsworth
CD: Secrets (Restless)

Segment Two

Pesco Dizzo by Balca Bandanica
Digital Album: Dea Madre (self-released)

Mahlad by Phlox
CD: Keri (MKDK)

Mindshift by Tauk
CD: Collisions (self-released)

Segment Three

Talisman by Gong Expresso
Digital Album: Decadence (John McCracken Music)

Bad Habits by Gongzilla
CD: Suffer (USG)

Expresso by Gone
CD: Gazeuse (Virgin)

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Sounds From the Global Village 2009


Segment One

Ya Annas by Ahmed Abdul-Malik
CD: Jazz Sahara (Riverside)

Ralia Rolia by Sen Svaja
Digital Album: Kraitis Is Pelkes (Dowry From a Swamp) (CPL)

Segment Two

Isivivinyo by Black Umfolosi
CD: Earth Song (ARC)

Aliki Nei by Kalaga'la
CD: Aimons-Nous (Mangrove Productions)

Mi Forma de Vivir by Duquende
CD: Mi Forma de Vivir (K Industria)

Segment Three

If I Could Go Back in Time by DAM and Amal Murkus
Double CD: The Rough Guide to the Music of Palestine (World Music Network)

Ndilila Bwanji by Madetsa Band
Digital Album: Home Made Banjos and Guitars of Southern and Central Malawi (Rootstock)

Seven Hours by Rebecca Pidgeon
CD: The Four Marys (Chesky)

Feliz Sueno by Luis Casal and the Music of Artemio Cordova
Digital Album: Folk Music of Panama (Rootstock)

Monday, July 27, 2020

Classics and Beyond 2012


Segment One

Johann Gottfried Muthel: Concerto No. 3 in G Major for Fortepiano, Strings and Continuo
Christine Schornsheim: Harpsichord
Berliner Barock-Compagney
CD: Harpsichord Concertos (Capriccio)

Segment Two

Ferdinand Rebay: Sonata for Viola and Guitar in D Minor
Joaquin Riquelme Garcia: Viola
Pedro Mateo Gonzalez: Guitar
CD: Rebay: Sonatas for Violin and Guitar and Sonata for Viola and Guitar (Eudora)

Segment Three

Richard Wagner: Rienzi Overture
Boston Pops Orchestra
Arthur Fiedler: Conductor
78 RPM Album: Rienzi Overture (RCA Victor)

Upstate Radio Theatre 2014


The Stan Freberg Show "College Football Report" 9-22-57
Forever Tops "First Song: The Bee" 7-15-46

Upstate Radio Theatre 2013


Death Valley Days "Sam Bass" 8-27-36
Komedy Kingdom "Geography" 1937
Once Upon a Time "Puss in Boots" 1938

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Jazz and More 07-26-20

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

If Tomorrow Comes by Brian Becvar
CD: Once in a Life (Real Music)

Water Tapestry by Kevin Kern
CD: Summer Daydreams (Real Music)

Laughter at Dawn by Jim Chappell
CD: Laughter at Dawn (Real Music)

Hour One Segment Two

Vintage Contemporaries by Gert Emmens and James Clent
Monopology by Gert Blokzijl
Solina by Erwin Hofstede
CD: Analogy, Vol. 3 (Groove Unlimited)

Hour One Segment Three

Quiet Love (and Sunshine) by The Matt Nelson Trio
CD: Nostalgiamaniac (Chicago Sessions)

Dear Bud by Eric Reed
CD: Everybody Gets the Blues (Smoke Sessions)

Hour One Segment Four

March of the Toys by Tommy Dorsey
Liebestraum by The Nat King Cole Trio
Anitra's Dance by Jack Teagarden
CD: Swingin' the Classics (ViperNest Gold)

Hour Two Segment One

5 to 10 by Allan Holdsworth
CD: Wardenclyffe Tower (Cream)

Rooms of Telemetry by Ohm
CD: Amino Acid Flashback (Blacknote)

Keep it Real by John Lee and Gerry Brown
CD: Mango Sunrise (Blue Note)

Hour Two Segment Two

Four by Joe Henderson With the Wynton Kelly Trio
CD: Four (Verve)

On the Que-Tee by Freddie Hubbard
CD: Backlash (Atlantic)

Hour Two Segment Three

Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata by Don Dorsey
CD: Beethoven or Bust (Telarc)

Hour Two Segment Four

Cornwall by Stephen Bennett
Rancho Mirage by Peter Roller
CD: Masters of Acoustic Guitar (Narada)

Hour Three Segment One

Castles Made of Sand/Little Wing by Tuck and Patti
CD: Love Warriors (Windham Hill)

Sirabhorn by Pat Metheny
CD: Bright Size Life (ECM)

Jaco by The Turtle Island String Quartet
CD: Metropolis (WIndham Hill)

Hour Three Segment Two

Line for Lyons by Bill Charlap and Ted Rosenthal
CD: The Gerry Mulligan Songbook (Chiaroscuro)

Life's a Movie: Main Title by The Inventions Trio
CD: Life's a Movie (Chiaroscuro)

Hour Three Segment Three

La Casita de Mis Viejos by Adriana Varela
Cheka Ukama by Oliver Mtukudzi
Love by Shivkumar Sharma by Hariprasad Chaurasia
CD: The Rough Guide to Unwired: Acoustic Music From Around the World (World Music Network)

Hour Three Segment Four

Forever Blue Sky by Bruce Becvar
CD: Forever Blue Sky (Shining Star)

McCormick by Alex de Grassi
CD: Altiplano (Novus)

Friday, July 24, 2020

Lake Air 2010


Segment One

It's Possible by David Boswell
CD: I Like That (self-released)

Eric's Theme by Spencer Brewer
CD: Dorian's Legacy (Narada)

If You Close That Door by Sara K
CD: Closer Than They Appear (Chesky)

Baby Bossa by Walton Ornato
CD: California Suite (Black Sun)

Segment Two

Geraldine by The Yellowjackets
CD: The Spin (Warner Brothers)

Windham Mary by William Ackerman
CD: In Search of the Turtle's Navel (Windham Hill)

New York State of Mind by Diane Schuur
CD: Deedles (GRP)

Land of the Morning Calm by Philippe Saisse
CD: Valerian (Windham Hill)

Segment Three

Star Gazing by Mike Levine
Digital Album: Star Gazing (Downtimes Productions)

Terra Nouveau by Nicholas Gunn
C: Crossroads (Real Music)

Babylon Sisters by Steely Dan
CD: Gaucho (Geffen)

Highway 59 by Preston Smith
Digital Album: On the Surface (Innervision)

Something Beautiful 2010


Segment One

Ebb Tide by Stanley Black
For Now, For Always by The Living Strings
You Are Too Beautiful by Frank Chacksfield
Dancing in the Dark by Robert Farnon
I Have a Dream by Richard Claydermann
Que Sera Sera by Cyril Stapleton
Those Were the Days by Francis Goya
I Concentrate on You by Andre Kostelanetz
Laura by Percy Faith

Segment Two

I Should Care by Paul Desmond
Mrs. Robinson by 101 Strings
Too Young by Nelson Riddle
Charmaine by Frank Barcley With Harry Arnold's Orchestra
Say, Say, Say by The Fantasy Strings
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by Acker Bilk
Strangers in the Night by Carl Doy
Sixteen Tons by Billy Vaughn
Too Young to Go Steady by Andre Previn With the David Rose Orchestra

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Jazz Progressions 2010


Segment One

Seventeen by The White Noise Trio
Digital Album: Prism (Spinnup)

Electric Variation by Trio Bruxo
CD: A Bandeira Bruxo (Ropeadope)

Angles by The Bad Habits Trio
Digital Album: Looking for Trouble (Kuulal)

Segment Two

Cartoon by The Svein Finnerud Trio
CD: Plastic Sun (Odin)

Foyer Hall by John Surman, Barre Phillips, and Stu Martin
Double CD: The Trio (Victor Japan)

Segment Three

Why is Mary so Nervous? by The Michael Jaura Quartet
CD: Call (MPS)

Are You Really Living Next to Me? by Volker Kriegel and Wolfgang Schluter
CD: House-Boat (MPS)

Fluid Rustle by Eberhard Weber
CD: Fluid Rustle (ECM)

Sounds From the Global Village 2008


Segment One

Rushin' Dressing/The Quitter/Remove the Rug by Liz Carroll and John DoyleDouble CD: The Rough Guide to Celtic Music (Second Edition) (World Music Network)

Anuak Toum by Unknown Artist
Double CD: Ethiopian Urban and Tribal Music (Sub Rosa)

Jam 10 Kai Theit by Ros Seresyothea
Japones by Bacalao Men
CD: The Rough Guide to a World of Psychedelia (World Music Network)

Segment Two

Kwedini by Yvonne Chaka Chaka
Double CD: The Rough Guide to African Disco (World Music Network)

Khurram by Mashriq
CD: Samarkand and Beyond: Music of Central Asia (ARC)

1.0 by Fiamma Fumana
CD: 1.0 (Omnium)

Tsakorarake by Teta
CD: The Rough Guide to a World of Guitar (World Music Network)

Segment Three

A Song for Childhood by Sabreen
CD: Death of the Prophet (self-released)

Djamakoyo by Adama Yalomba
CD: African Blues (Putumayo)

Matare Bililina by The Hanpan Bamboo Band
CD: Singaut Bel-Isi: Bamboo Bands and Five Key Band From Bougainville PNG (Mangrove Productions)

Jordan River by Burning Spear
CD: Reggae Around the World (Putumayo)

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2011


Segment One

Once Sprung by Ben Thomas
CD: The Madman's Difference (Origin)

Where by Johnny Coles
CD: The Warm Sound (Koch)

Blues for the East by The Joel Remmel Trio
Digital Album: Sharp (self-released)

Segment Two

Coral by Emily Remler
CD: Transitions (Concord)

Broadway by Adrienne West
CD: The View (Timeless)

Count Your Change by Paul Horn
CD: The Jazz Years (Black Sun)

Segment Three

Groovin' High by Doug Sertl
CD: Beautiful Friendship (Province)

Waltz for Gabrielle by Jesse Green
CD: Lift Off (Chiaroscuro)

Postlude in C by Jean-Luc Ponty
CD: Jazz Long Playing (Gitannes Jazz)

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Jazz and More 07-19-20

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Rhythm River by Suzanne Dean
CD: Dreams Come True (Nova)

Forever the Optimist by Patrick O'Hearn
CD: Between Two Worlds (Private Music)

Island Moon by Carol Nethen
CD: A View From the Bridge (Narada)

Hour One Segment Two

Blue Sunrise by Fats Sadi
CD: Ensadinado (Saba)

Six Eight by The Wynton Kelly Trio
CD: Undiluted (Verve)

Hour One Segment Three

Joy is a Choice by The Joel Remmel Trio
Digital Album: Sharp (self-released)

Adagio Cantabile by The Charles du Plessis Trio
Digital Album: Imagine (Label G)

Hour One Segment Four

Skipping Stones by Rhonda Mackert
Digital Album: Time Not Forgotten (self-released)

Unrestrained Joy by Rachel LaFond
Digital Album: Encounters of the Beautiful Kind (self-released)

Portraits of Summer by Jim Bajor
CD: Gentle Images (JBX)

Hour Two Segment One

Downwind by Gong
CD: Downwind (EMI)

...and so to F... by Brand X
CD: Product (Virgin)

Hour Two Segment Two

Along Came Betty by The Benny Bailey Quintet
CD: While My Lady Sleeps (Gemini)

Room 3 by The Johnny Coles Quartet
CD: The Warm Sound (Koch)

Hour Two Segment Three

L'Enfant by Liona Boyd
CD: Persona (Columbia)

Red Dust and Spanish Lace by Acoustic Alchemy
CD: Red Dust and Spanish Lace (MCA)

Hour Two Segment Four

Bana by Faya Tess and Lokua Kanza
Palea by Dobet Gnahore
CD: Acoustic Africa (Putumayo)

Hour Three Segment One

Wholly Cats by The Russell Malone Quartet
CD: Wholly Cats (Venus)

Blade's Groove by Dan Heck
CD: Compositionality (Origin)

Hour Three Segment Two

The Mystagogue by Ben Thomas
CD: The Mystagogue (Origin)

Second Chance by The Laura Caviani Trio
CD: Dreamlife (Igmod)

Hour Three Segment Three

Caverna Magica Suite by Andreas Vollenweider
CD: Caverna Magica ...Under the Tree, in the Cave... (Columbia)

Hour Three Segment Four

Caballo Viejo by Luis Felipe Gonzalez
CD: Harpestry (Imaginary Road)

The Chestnut Tree Melody by Maire Ni Chathasaigh
CD: Celtic Harpestry (Imaginary Road)

Kelefa by Malamini Jobarteh
CD: The Art of Harp (Earthbeat!)

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Classics and Beyond 2011


Segment One

J.S. Bach: Suite for Solo Cello No. 2 in D Minor, BWV 1008
Pierre Fournier: Cello
CD: J.S. Bach: 6 Suites for Violincello (Archiv Produktion)

Segment Two

Heitor Villa-Lobos: Concerto for Harp and Orchestra, A. 515
Catherine Michel: Harp
Orchestre National de l'Opera de Monte Carlo
Antonio de Almeida: Conductor
CD: Harp Concertos (Pentatone)

Segment Three

Frederic Chopin: Ballade in G Minor, Op. 23
Mieczyslaw Horszowski: Piano
Double CD: The 1940 Vatican Radio Recordings/Live USA Recordings 1957-79 (Pearl)

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Lake Air 2009


Segment One

A New Day by Craig Sharmat
CD: Outside In (Innervision)

Caught in the Act by Deborah Henson-Conant
CD: Caught in the Act (GRP)

Really Miss Your Love by Paul Hardcastle
CD: Jazzmasters 1 (JVC)

Dancing Leaves by Steve Clarke
CD: Sparkle (Hop N Bop)

Segment Two

Evening Dance by Justin Young
CD: On the Way (JazzBridge)

Unseen Rain by W.A. Mathieu
CD: Available Light (Windham Hill)

Raining Away by Michael Tomlinson
CD: Run This Way Forever (Desert Rain)

No by Thom Rotella
CD: How My Heart Beats (Positive)

Segment Three

Irresistible Bliss by Chris Botti
CD: Slowing Down the World (GRP)

Dockland by China Crisis
Triple CD: Working With Fire and Steel (Remastered) (Caroline)

Lock and Key by Julia Fordham
CD: Porcelain (Virgin)

Clean Sweep by Bobby Broom
CD: Clean Sweep (GRP)

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Jazz Progressions 2009


Segment One

Deep Water Current by Julian Erdem
CD: Little Flower (Unit)

Wonderwall by Quentin Angus
CD: In Stride (QFTF)

Lament by Gary Thomas
CD: Till We Have Faces (JMT)

Segment Two

Indigo by Stanley Clarke, Al di Meola and Jean-Luc Ponty
CD: The Rite of Strings (Gai Saber)

The Daffodil and the Eagle by Shakti
CD: Natural Elements (Columbia)

Segment Three

My Spanish Disguise by Wolfgang Dauner
CD: Free Action (Promising Music)

Crucial Moment by Giorgio Azzolini
CD: Crucial Moment (Reaward)

We Now Interrupt for a Commercial by Ornette Coleman
CD: New York is Now (Universal)

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2010


Segment One

Fall Splits by Harold Danko
CD: Lost in the Breeze (Steeplechase)

Desert Sands by Stuff Smith
Double CD: Stuff Smith, Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Peterson (Verve)

Segment Two

Cell Phone by Warren Wolf
CD: Converge (Mack Avenue)

You're Looking at Me by Nicole Henry
CD: The Nearness of You (Banister)

I've Just Seen Her by Gerry Mulligan and Scott Hamilton
CD: Soft Lights and Sweet Music (Concord)

Segment Three

Pres Returns by The Lester Young/Teddy Wilson Quartet
CD: Pres and Teddy (Verve)

Donna Lee by The Jackie Terrasson Jazz Trio
CD: Lover Man (Venus)

Until the Real Thing Comes Along by The Cal Collins Quartet
CD: Ohio Style (Concord)

Monday, July 13, 2020

Something Beautiful 2009


Segment One

True Love by Ronnie Aldrich
By the Time I Get to Phoenix by Frank Chacksfield
Can You Feel the Love Tonight? by The London Pops Orchestra
Friends in this World by Hagood Hardy
Almost Like Being in Love/Come Rain or Come Shine by Hugo Montenegro
Unforgettable by Syd Dale
I Only Have Eyes for You by Hugo Winterhalter
How Deep is Your Love? by Norm Geller
Sophisticated Lady by David Rose

Segment Two

Make This Night Last Forever by James Last
Here, There and Everywhere by Dick Bakker
Desafinado by Mike Leander
Up Up and Away by Alan Lorber
I'm in the Mood for Love by The M.O.R. Orchestra
Scarborough Fair by Larry Page
My Foolish Heart by Studio Sunset Orchestra
Michelle by Andre Kostelanetz
My Tane by Arthur Lyman

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Jazz and More 07-12-20

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Tsunami by Shadowfax
CD: Too Far to Whisper (Windham Hill)

The Instigator by China Crisis
7" Single: Best Kept Secret (Virgin)

Pacific Rim by Chi
CD: Pacific Rim (Sonic Atmospheres)

Hour One Segment Two

Ride of the Headless Horseman by David Qualey
CD: Guitar Parables (Stockfish)

Hot Sauce by Eric Tingstad
CD: Renewal (Cheshire)

Air Proofing Two by Leo Kottke
CD: A Shout Toward Noon (Private Music)

Hour One Segment Three

What's the Meaning of This? by The Ted Moore Trio
CD: The Natural Order of Things (Origin)

Alone Together by Jodie Christian
CD: Blues Holiday (Steeplechase)

Indiana by Claude Williamson
CD: The Complete 1954 1955 Kenton Presents Sessions (Fresh Sound)

Hour One Segment Four

Out to Lunch! by Eric Dolphy
CD: Out to Lunch! (Blue Note)

Hour Two Segment One

One Summer Night in Brazil by The Rippingtons
CD: Tourist in Paradise (GRP)

Vitoriosa by Ivan Lins
CD: Minha Historia (Polygram)

Cafe Tropique by Crystal Wind
CD: Cafe Tropique (Higher Octave)

Hour Two Segment Two

Canadian Sunset by Gene Ammons
CD: Boss Tenor (Prestige)

Ode to Billie Joe by Tim Warfield
CD: Jazzland (Criss Cross)

Hour Two Segment Three

Undulant Sea by Meg Bowles
CD: The Shimmering Land (Kumatone)

Blood and Water by Jon Jenkins
CD: Flow (Spotted Peccary)

Hour Two Segment Four

Albeniz: Suite Espanola No. 1, Op. 47 by Alexandre Lagoya
Triple CD: The Alexandre Lagoya Edition: The Complete Philips Solo Recordings (Decca)

Hour Three Segment One

City Suite by Steve Khan
CD: Arrows (Columbia)

Dr. Wu by Steely Dan
CD: Katy Lied (Geffen)

Hour Three Segment Two

A Night in Tunisia by Jean-Luc Ponty
CD: Jazz Long Playing (Gitanes Jazz)

What If? by Kenny Barron and Regina Carter
CD: Freefall (Verve)

Russian Lullaby by Dizzy Gillespie and Stuff Smith
LP: Dizzy Gillespie and Stuff Smith (Verve)

Hour Three Segment Three

Black Elk by Randy Room
CD: Primalvision (Narada)

A Clear Day and No Memories by Steve Tibbetts
CD: Exploded View (ECM)

Yatra by David Parsons
Double CD: Yatra (Fortuna)

Hour Three Segment Four

Summer Fields by Wayne Gratz
In the Path of the Heart by Kostia
CD: Romance: Music for Piano (Narada)

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Classics and Beyond 2010


Segment One

Cesar Franck: Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major
Kaja Danczowska: Voilin
Krystian Zimerman: Piano
CD: Franck: Violin Sonata/Szymanowski: Mythes (Deutsche Grammophon)

Segment Two

Gabriel Faure: Dolly Suite
Anita Siegel and Babeth Leonet: Piano
78 RPM Disc: Dolly Suite (Columbia)

Segment Three

Ferdinando Carulli: Duos 1 and 3 for Flute and Guitar, Op. 104
Jean-Pierre Rampal: Flute
Alexander Lagoya: Guitar
CD: Carulli: Music for Flute and Guitar (CBS Masterworks)

Friday, July 10, 2020

Upstate Radio Theatre 2008


Escape "Three Skeleton Key" 3-17-50
The Jack Pearl Show "1st Song: I've Got Beginner's Luck" 3-26-37

Sounds From the Global Village 2007


Segment One

Billie by Eddie Palmieri
CD: Ritmo Caliente (Concord)

Zine Lemma by Lemma
CD: Femmes Artistes de la Saoura (Buda Musique)

Хъудымыд иорэд by Jrpjej
Digital Album: Jrpjej (Ored)

Segment Two

Shadow Queen by The Alba Griot Ensemble
CD: The Darkness Between the Leaves (Riverboat)

Raag Shobhavari by Baluji Shrivastav
CD: Shadow of the Lotus (ARC)

Fado Laranjeira by Marta Pereira da Costa
CD: Marta Pereira da Costa (Warner Music Portugal)

Segment Three

Clear by Rema Namakula
Single: Clear (TuneCore)

Akanilma by Tuuletar
CD: Rajatila (Bafe's Factory)

Futatsu No Hensokyoku Sakura Sakura by Tadao Sawai
CD: The Rough Guide to the Music of Japan (World Music Network)

Doce Morena by Nando Lauria
CD: Novo Brasil (Narada)

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Upstate Radio Theatre 2012


The Lone Ranger "Crooked Banker and Sheriff" 1-19-38
The Green Hornet "Justice Wears a Blindfold" 3-6-36

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2009


Segment One

We Would Love to Have You by The Event Horizon Jazz Quartet
CD: Event Horizon (EJHQ)

Miss Ann by Marvin "Smitty" Smith
CD: Keeper of the Drums (Concord)

The New Life by Ratko Zjaca
Digital Album: The Places You Will Go (In-Out)

Segment Two

Reedus' Rendezvous by James Williams
CD: Meet the Magical Trio (Emarcy)

The End of a Love Affair by Joe Barbieri
CD: Dear Billie (MustHaveJazz)

Rifftide by Howard McGhee
CD: The Return of Howard McGhee (Solid)

Segment Three

Backup by Larry Young
CD: Into Somethin' (Blue Note)

Jazzy by Claude Bolling
CD: Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio No. 2 (Columbia)

Yes or No by Tim Coffman
CD: Crossroads (Blujazz)

Jazz Progressions 2008


Segment One

Fire of Spirits by Frank Wright
CD: Your Prayer (ESP-Disk)

Niggle Feuigle by Cecil Taylor
Double LP: Student Studies (BYG)

Segment Two

Crackin by Last Exit
LP: Last Exit (Enemy)

Fingers and Toes by Bring Back Pluto
CD: Underneath (self-released)

Groove Field by Flugzeug Trio
Digital Album: My Imagination Runs Wild (What's the Point)

Segment Three

Earwax by Association
LP: Earwax (Munich)

Jasper and Out by Lol Coxhill
CD: Toverbal Sweet Plus (See for Miles)

Friday, July 3, 2020

Classics and Beyond 2009


Segment One

Josef Haydn: String Quartet No. 5 in F Minor, Op. 20
The Koeckert Quartett
Double LP: Haydn: Sun Quartets (Deutsche Gramaphon)

Segment Two

Karlheinze Stockhausen: Zyklus (Work 9)
Max Neuhaus: Percussion
Otto Luening: Gargoyles
Otto Luening: Electronics
Max Pollikof: Violin
Luciano Berio: Serenade 1 for Flute and 14 Instruments
Severino Gazzelloni:Flute
Rome Symphony Orchestra
Bruno Maderna: Conductor
CD Box Set: Masterworks of the 20th Century (Sony)

Lake Air 2006


Segment One

Let's Take a Ride by Nicholas Cole
CD: Night Sessions (Trippin' 'N' Rhythm)

Ocean Dance by Wind Machine
CD: Distant Shore (Blue Meteor)

I Coulnd't Love You More by Sade
CD: Love Deluxe (Epic)

I Miss You With Me by Everette Harp
CD: For the Love (Blue Note)

Segment Two

Time After Time by Miles Davis
CD: You're Under Arrest (Columbia)

Reflections of You by Tim Heintz
CD: Searching the Heart (Century 22)

Make it Love by Livingston Taylor
CD: Life is Good (Critique)

Love Notes by Bruce McKenzie
CD: After Dark (self-released)

Segment Three

Theme II by Alex Murzyn
CD: Cross Currents (Kamei)

El Condor by Marcos Ariel
CD: Piano Brasileiro (Som Livre)

Dark is the Night by Shakatak
CD: Out of This World (Polydor)

Life Enigma by Jean-Luc Ponty
CD: Life Enigma (JLP)

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Lake Air 2008


Segment One

Fast Train by Brian Hughes
CD: Fast Train to a Quiet Place (Sylvan House)

Companions by David Arkenstone
CD: Spirit Wind (Windham Hill)

Make That Dream Come True by Fattburger
CD: Good News (Intima)

Night Time Lady by Kim Waters
CD: Sax Appeal (Warlock)

Segment Two

My Funny Valentine by Sherry Winston
CD: For Your Love (self-released)

Scotland by Hadley Hockensmith
CD: Heartsongs (Meadowlark)

Spiritus by Lorelei
CD: Spiritus (Soundings of the Planet)

Midnight Secrets by Jonathan Fritzen
CD: Love Birds (self-released)

Segment Three

Macondo by Ray Obiedo
CD: Sweet Summer Days (Windham Hill)

Flying Condor by Cusco
CD: 2000 (Higher Octave)

Adventures in Paradise by Tuck and Patti
CD: Summer Solstice 2 (Windham Hill)

Marisa's Song by Charles Michael Brotman
CD: Mango Cooler (Global Pacific)

Monday, June 29, 2020

Upstate Radio Theatre 2011


Lights Out "Prelude to Murder" 6-15-43
My Little Margie "Trip to Silver Lake" 6-12-55

Classics and Beyond 2008


Segment One

Mike Oldfield/David Bedford: The Orchestral Tubular Bells
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
David Bedford: Conductor
Mike Oldfield: Guitar
CD: The Orchestral Tubular Bells (Virgin)

Segment Two

Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in C
Mike Oldfield: All Instruments
CD Box Set: Elements: The Best of Mike Oldfield (Virgin)

Sounds From the Global Village 2006


Segment One

Baladjan by Jali Musa Jawara
CD: Soubindoor (World Circuit)

Lake Dance by Anda Union
CD: Homeland (Hohhot)

John Kelly's/Merrily Kiss the Quaker/Dennis Murphy's by The Chieftains
CD: Chieftains III (Claddagh)

Segment Two

So Bo So by Fantcha
CD: Viva Mindelo (Lusafrica)

Dudu by Tarkan
CD: Turkish Groove (Putumayo World Music)

Semena Worck by Gigi
CD: Gold and Wax (Palm Pictures)

Segment Three

Azucar de Cana by Trio Los Chasquis
CD: Latinas: Women of Latin America (Putumayo World Music)

Mind Ecology by Shakti
CD: Natural Elements (Columbia)

Vadzimu by A Peace of Ebony
CD: African Groove (Putumayo World Music)

Zapjevala Sojka Ptica by Divanhana
CD: Zukva: Sevdah From Bosnia's Finest (ARC)

Something Beautiful 2008


Segment One

Close to You by 101 Strings
The Continental by Hugo Winterhalter
Moonlight Becomes You by The Melachrino Strings
And I Love Her by Antonio de Lucena
Where or When by Wally Stott
Evil Ways by Al de Lory
500 Miles From Home by Arthur Greenslade
Here Without You by Claire Hamilton

Segment Two

Fly Me to the Moon by John Hamel
Deep Purple by The Romantic Strings
Lullaby of Broadway by Geoff Love
More Than Just the Two of Us by John Fox
Sim by Percy Faith
Who's Holding Donna Now? by The Fantasy Strings
Do You Know the Way to San Jose? by Burt Bacharach
Payton Place by Jack Dorsey
She Knows Me Too Well by The Hollyridge Strings
Till There Was You by Henry Mancini

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Something Beautiful 2007


Segment One

Lady by The Living Strings
A Lovely Waltz by The Marina Strings
My Cherie Amour by Alyn Ainsworth
Flamingo by Len Stevens
Loving You by Norm Geller
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by The Fantasy Strings
It's Only a Paper Moon by David Rose
Again by Francis Goya
Tammy by Roger Williams

Segment Two

After the Love is Gone by John Fox
Dreamy by Frank Devol
Laughter in the Rain by Pacific Pops Orchestra
Daisy (What'll I Do) by Nelson Riddle
We'll Live it All Again by Botticelli
Misty by Carl Doy
Masquerade by Hagood Hardy
It's Not for Me to Say by Andre Kostelanetz
A Whiter Shade of Pale by George Martin

The Jazz Scene 2008


Segment One

Wayne by Sal Marquez
CD: One for Dewey (GRP)

Waltz for Chick by The Ted Moore Trio
CD: The Natural Order of Things (Origin)

Here's That Rainy Day by Joe Pass
CD: Virtuoso (Concord)

Segment Two

Divergent Paths by Charlie Porter
CD: Immigration Nation (OA2)

Almost Like Being in Love by Libby York
CD: Blue Gardenia (self-released)

Soft Serenade by Norman Hedman's Tropique
CD: Taken by Surprise (Palmetto)

Segment Three

Melancholia by Bill Cunliffe
CD: Bill Plays Bud (Naxos)

Cheek to Cheek by Allan Vache
CD: It Might as Well be Spring (Arbors)

Twenty by Victor Provost
Digital Album: Bright Eyes (self-released)

Jazz and More 06-28-20

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Gymnopedie No. 1 by Stephane Spira and Giovani Mirabassi
Digital Album: Improkofiev (Jazzmax)

Detour Ahead by Hubert Laws and Milt Jackson
CD: Goodbye (CTI)

Hour One Segment Two

Summertime by John Coltrane
CD: My Favorite Things (Atlantic)

Summer in Central Park by Tim Coffman
CD: Crossroads (Blujazz)

Hour One Segment Three

The Forest Dreams of Bach by Robert Rich
CD: Rainforest (Hearts of Space)

Fluidity and Structure by Bob Holroyd
CD: Fluidity and Structure (BHV)

Hour One Segment Four

Cloudburst Flight by Tangerine Dream
CD: Force Majeure (Virgin)

The Dragon by Vangelis
CD: China (Polydor)

Hour Two Segment One

Just One of Those Things by Lee Morgan
CD: The Cooker (Blue Note)

I Could Write a Book by Sal Marquez
CD: One for Dewey (GRP)

HOur Two Segment Two

Golden Garden by Joanne Brackeen and Eddie Gomez
CD: Prism (Candid)

That Old Black Magic by the Dan Cray Trio
CD: Over Here Over Heard (Crawdad)

Hour Two Segment Three

Rainshadow by Sylvan Grey
CD: Recurring Dream (Fortuna)

Hour Two Segment Four

Loch Awe by Stephen Wake
Digital Album: Celtic Guitar: Scottish Lochs (self-released)

Green Toothed Gardener by Steve Tilston
CD: An Acoustic Confusion (Lion)

Lord Mayo/Lord Inchiquin by Davey Graham
CD: Music of Ireland (Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop)

Hour Three Segment One

Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord by John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana
CD: Love, Devotion, Surrender (Columbia)

Hour Three Segment Two

Joys and Sorrows by Tom Van der Geld
LP: Path (ECM)

You Don't Know What Love is by Gary Burton and Paul Bley
CD: Right Time, Right Place (Sonnet)

Hour Three Segment Three

The Boy and the River by Jim Chappell
CD: Living the Northern Summer (Music West)

Bridge of Dreams by David Lanz and Paul Speer
CD: Bridge of Dreams (Narada)

Wide Open Spaces by John Jarvis
CD: Something Constructive (MCA)

Hour Three Segment Four

Cornbread and Baklava by Tim Sparks
CD: One String Leads to Another (Acoustic Music)

Minuets 36 and 15 in F Minor by Lee Murdock
CD: Wordless (Depot)

Friday, June 26, 2020

Lake Air Deep Tracks Demos 3 and 4

Here are the next two demos of Lake Air Deep Tracks, an experiment emphasizing New Age music. Please see the post regarding demos 1 and 2 for a detailed explanation of this experiment. Feedback is very much appreciated. Please e-mail qualityradioproductions@gmail.com with comments and suggestions.

Listen: Demo 3
Listen: Demo 4

Playlist: Demo 3

Segment One

Hurricane Bob by Billy McLaughlin
CD: Fingerdance (Narada)

Oracle by Spacetime Continuum
CD: Three A.D. (Waveform)

Clearing in the Air by Dean Evanson
CD: Forest Rain (Soundings of the Planet)

Desert Rain by Tim Clark
CD: Tales of the Sun People (Hearts of Space)

The Merced by Tingstad and Rumbel
CD: Give and Take (Narada)

Segment Two

A Morning With the Roses by Richard Dworsky
CD: Windham Hill Records Piano Sampler (Windham Hill)

Oxygene V by Jean-Michel Jarre
CD: Oxygene (Dreyfus)

Body and Soul by Shahin and Sepehr
CD: One Thousand and One Nights (Higher Octave)

Marble Halls by William Coulter and Friends
CD: Celtic Crossing (Gourd)

Cityscape by Gary Chang
CD: Soul of the Machine (Windham Hill)

Playlist: Demo 4

Segment One

Southern Cross by David Arkenstone
CD: In the Wake of the Wind (Narada)

Forgiveness by Liz Story
CD: Speechless (Novus)

Cane Fields by Oregon
CD: Out of the Woods (Elektra)

The Pleiadian Paradigm by Mark Dwane
CD: Paradigm Shift (Trondant)

Segment Two

No Holly for Miss Quinn by Enya
CD: Shepherd Moons (Reprise)

Canyon Carver by Tangerine Dream
CD: Canyon Dreams (Miramar)

After the Harvest by The Angels of Venice
CD: Angels of Venice (Windham Hill)

Water From a Vine Leaf by William Orbit
CD: Strange Cargo III (Virgin)

Mile High Country by Michael Gulezian
CD: The Dare of an Angel (Timberline)

Journty Though the Night by Steve Haun
CD: Inside the Sky (Silver Wave)

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Lake Air Deep Tracks Demos 1 and 2

Dear Affiliates and Listeners of Lake Air:

Over the years, I have been asked if I could incorporate more "New Age" music into the Lake Air series. To those who have made such a request, I've listened to you. I am producing a series of experimental editions of Lake Air which, for now, will be called "Lake Air Deep Tracks". These programs will emphasize New Age music without any Smooth Jazz. The format of these hour-long demos will also be different from the usual Lake Air format, in that the hour will consist of two longer music segments, not three. There will also be little or no vocal content in each hour.

I would love to receive feedback from listeners and radio station managers alike about these demos. Is this something you would like to hear more of on Lake Air? If so, would you like to hear it as a recurring "series within a series", say, as a once a month special? Or, would you possibly be interested in having this become its own separate series, quite possibly with a different name? I want to hear from you! Please e-mail me at qualityradioproductions@gmail.com. Below are the first two demos. There will be two more produced for the time being, after which, I will evaluate listener and affiliate response.

Thank you for listening, and thank you for your continued support.


Jason "Jake" Longwell
Quality Radio Productions

Listen: Demo 1
Listen: Demo 2

Playlist: Demo 1

Segment One

Stratos by Jonn Serrie
CD: And the Stars Go With You (Miramar)

In Flight by Michael Harrison
CD: In Flight (Fortuna)

Cloud Surfer by Rom Ryan
CD: Mysteria (self-released)

Indian Maiden by Stephen DeRuby
CD: Passion Flute (Earth Tone)

Twilight Heat by Steve Roach
CD: Empetus (Fortuna)

Segment Two

A Gentle Breeze by Sandy Owen
CD: Heart Crossings (Ivory)

The Whirling Dervish by Peter Maunu
CD: Warm Sound in a Gray Field (Narada)

Reentry by The Heavenly Music Corporation
CD: In a Garden of Eden (Silent)

Ventana by William Ackerman
CD: Past Light (Windham Hill)

A Gentle Place by Clannad
CD: Banba (Atlantic)

Moving On by Constance Demby
CD: Set Free (Hearts of Space)

Playlist: Demo 2

Segment One

Hummingbird by George Winston
CD: Summer (Windham Hill)

Dusk by Fumio
CD: Nature (Soundings of the Planet)

Mujeres y Ninos by Rumillajta
CD: Alma del Sur (Narada)

Nikki D by Harold Budd
CD: Luxa (Caroline)

Labyrinth by Doug Smith
CD: Labyrinth (American Gramaphone)

Segment Two

East by Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai
CD: Natives (Silver Wave)

The Second Wave: Sirens by Suzanne Ciani
CD: Seven Waves (Seventh Wave)

Tell Me How by Trapezoid
CD: Moon Run (Narada)

In Another Country by Tim Story
CD: In Another Country (Eurock)

Rocket to the Moon by Jim Brickman
CD: No Words (Windham Hill)

Jazz Progressions 2007


Segment One

Right Off by Miles Davis
CD:A Tribute to Jack Johnson (Columbia)

Segment Two

Just Flash in the Cosmic Pan by Everything is Everything
LP: Just Flash in the Cosmic Pan (Columbia)

Segment Three

A Path Through the Haze by Attila Zoller and Masahiko Sato
LP: A Path Through the Haze (MPS)

Monday, June 22, 2020

Lake Air 2007


Segment One

Someone Special by Tim Watson
CD: Sunday Afternoon (Kushite)

Remember When by Dan Siegel
CD: Short Stories (Epic)

Roxann by Jay Graydon
CD: Airplay for the Planet (Columbia)

3 A.M. by Ragan Whiteside
CD: Class Axe (Randis)

Segment Two

It's Always Been You by Dave Koz
CD: Hello Tomorrow (Concord)

Sea Gypsy by Scott Huckabay
CD: Alchemy (Soundings of the Planet)

Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight by James Taylor
CD: One Man Dog (Warner Brothers)

It Happens Every Day by Hubert Laws
CD: Say it With Silence (Columbia)

Segment Three

Vendetta by Greg Adams
CD: Midnight Morning (Blue Note)

The Illusionist by Patrick O'Hearn
CD: Eldorado (Private Music)

Tres Curumins by Lani Hall
CD: Brasil Nativo (Windham Hill)

La La (for Jon) by Fowler and Branca
CD: The Face on Cydonia (Silver Wave)

Friday, June 19, 2020

Classics and Beyond 2007


Segment One

George Gershwin: Piano Concerto in F
I. Allegro
II. Adagio
III. Allegro Agitato
John Nakamatsu: Piano
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Jeff Tyzik: Conductor
CD: Gershwin: Piano Concerto in F/Rhapsody in Blue/Cuban Overture (Harmonia Mundi)

Segment Two

J.S. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G Major
I. Allegro
II. Andante
III. Presto
Wendy Carlos: Synthesizer
Box Set: Switched-On Boxed Set (East Side Digital)

Segment Three

Frederic Chopin: Piano Nocturne No. 6, Op. 9, No. 2
The Diva Trio
CD: Never Never Land (Arbors)

Something Beautiful 2006


Segment One

Prisoner's Chorus From "Nabucco" by James Last
Flamingo by Hugo Montenegro
Quando, Quando, Quando by Francis Goya
Love Theme From "The Valachi Papers" by Ronnie Aldrich
Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma by 101 Strings
Dalonnes Melodie by Jean-Claude Borelly
A Man and a Woman by Mantovani
On Green Dolphin Street by Beegie Adair
Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Judd Downing
Tiny Dancer by Dan Troxell

Segment Two

Dreams of the Everyday Housewife by Al DeLory
Hollywood by Carl Davis
Let it Be Me by The Castaway Strings
Our Love Affair by Conrad Salinger
Quiet Village by Les Baxter
Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues by Kurt Shoemaker
Venus by Pat Valentino
I Love You Because by Lawrence Welk
Is That All There Is? by Norrie Paramor

Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2007


Segment One

Groove Yard by Jacques Lesure
CD: When She Smiles (WJ3)

Resignation by Evan Harris
Digital Album: Skylines (54)

Water Play by Tomoko Ohno
CD: Tres Sabores (Midway Point)

Segment Two

Yardbird Suite by Hod O'Brien and John Eardly
CD: Yardbird Suite (Blue Jack)

Down With Love by Laura Welland
CD: Dissertation on the State of Bliss (OA2)

When You're Smiling by The Red Norvo Combo
CD: The Second Time Around (Progressive)

Segment Three

Time Will Tell by Steve Turre
CD: The Very Thought of You (Smoke Sessions)

Lover by Tal Farlow
CD: The Tal Farlow Quartet (Blue Note)

Pent Up House by Harold Mabern
CD: Joy Spring (Sackville)

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Jazz and More 06-21-20

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Valley of the Birds by Emerald Web
Digital Album: Valley of the Birds (Dust)

Mercury, the Winged Messenger by Patrick Gleeson
LP: Beyond the Stars (Mercury)

Hour One Segment Two

Ghosts Before Breakfast by One
CD: Blue Desires (Chacra)

Horizons II by Ralf Illenberger
CD: Circle (Narada)

Riders of the Ancient Winds by Craig Chaquico and Russ Freeman
CD: From the Redwoods to the Rockies (Windham Hill)

Hour One Segment Three

Conjuration by The Jeramy Kahn Trio
CD Box Set: Joy Road: The Complete Works of Pepper Adams (Motema)

The Interloper by Rick Germanson
CD: Turquoise Twice (WJ3)

Hour One Segment Four

Oleo by The George Benson Quartet
Double CD: After Hours: Live at Casa Caribe Club (Universe)

Hour Two Segment One

Elroy Sparta by Joel Frahm
CD: Sorry No Decaf (Palmetto)

Secret Love by The Derek Nash Acoustic Quartet
CD: You've Got to Dig it to Dig it, You Dig? (Jazzizit)

Hour Two Segment Two

Spring Days/Summer Nights by Mike Freeman and Spellbound
CD: Street Shuffle (Best Recordings)

When Summer Comes by George Howard
CD: When Summer Comes (GRP)

Sun Runner by Bob James
CD: Touchdown (Warner Brothers)

Hour Two Segment Three

Summer Solstice by Sean Harkness
In Our Jasmine Days by Michael Manring and Paul McCandless
Reunion by John Boswell
CD: Summer Solstice (Windham Hill)

Hour Two Segment Four

June Bug by Oregon
CD: Roots in the Sky (Elektra)

Soli by Paul Horn
CD: Africa (Kuckuck)

Hour Three Segment One

June Bug by Stanley Turrentine
CD: If I Could (MusicMasters)

Sophisticated Lady by Grady Tate
CD: All Love: Grady Tate Sings (Village)

Hour Three Segment Two

Something for Liza by The Conte Candoli Quartet
CD: Conte Candoli Quartet (V.S.O.P.)

Romas by The Chet Baker Quintet
CD: Boppin' With the Chet Baker Quintet (Prestige)

Rapture by Tom Harrell
CD: Stories (Contemporary)

Hour Three Segment Three

Untitled (Side A, Cut 3) by The Glass Orchestra
LP: The Glass Orchestra (Music Gallery Editions)

Aquarius by Frank Perry
CD: Zodiac (Celestial Harmonies)

Hour Three Segment Four

L'aquila by John Tesh
CD: Avalon (GTSP)

Secret Love by Jim Brickman
CD: Picture This (Windham Hill)

Coming Home by Peter Kater
CD: Coming Home (Silver Wave)

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2005


Segment One

And What if I Don't? by Herbie Hancock
CD: My Point of View (Blue Note)

Angelica by The Mark Colby Quartet
CD: All or Nothing at All (RCI)

Stablemates by Milt Jackson and Wes Montgomery
CD: Bags Meets Wes (Riverside/OJC)

Segment Two

The Ambitious Violet by Sean Jones
CD: The Search Within (Mack Avenue)

Smoke Rings by April Ames
CD: Strike a Match (GNP)

By Myself by Mark Elf
CD: Over the Airwaves (Jen Bay)

Segment Three

On Green Dolphin Street by Stevens, Siegel and Ferguson
CD: Points of View (Imaginary Jazz)

Memories of You by Ron Hockett
CD: Finally Ron (Arbors)

Sandstone by The Yellowjackets
CD: Like a River (GRP)

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Jazz and More 05-31-20

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

This I Dig of You by Jimmy Cobb
CD: This I Dig of You (Smoke Sessions)

Taking a Chance on Love by The Jimmy Cobb Trio
CD: Taking a Chance on Love (Sound Hills)

Jet Stream by Jimmy Cobb's Mob
CD: Cobb's Groove (Milestone)

Hour One Segment Two

Constellation by Charlie Parker
LP Box Set: The Savoy 10-Inch LP Collection (Craft Recordings)

Almost Like Being in Love by John Lewis
CD: Grand Encounter (Pacific Jazz)

Uganda by Chico Hamilton
LP: The Chico Hamilton Trio (Pacific Jazz)

Hour One Segment Three

Timesteps by Wendy Carlos
CD: A Clockwork Orange (East Side Digital)

Hour One Segment Four

Lulled in These Flowers With Dances and Delight by Ian Carr
CD: Sounds and Sweet Airs (Celestial Harmonies)

Hour Two Segment One

Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing by Javon Jackson
CD: Expression (Smoke Sessions)

Bathrobe Blues by Dick Berk
CD: East Coast Stroll (Reservoir)

Hour Two Segment Two

Celebration Suite by Return to Forever
CD: No Mystery (Polydor)

Hour Two Segment Three

Velvet Green by Jethro Tull
CD: Songs From the Wood (Chrysalis)

Hergest Ridge, Part Two (Excerpt) by Mike Oldfield
CD: Hergest Ridge (Virgin)

Hour Two Segment Four

John MacKenzie's Fancy by Robin Bullock
CD: Midnight Howl (Maggie's Music)

Lagan Love/Lark in the Morning by William Coulter
CD: Celtic Crossing (Gourd)

Elsie Marley by Duck Baker
CD: Kid on the Mountain (Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop)

Hour Three Segment One

Look and See by Sean Jones
CD: No Need for Words (Mack Avenue)

Enchance by Chico Freeman
CD: Essence of Silence (Jive)

Hour Three Segment Two

Have You Heard? by The Pat Metheny Group
CD: Letter From Home (Geffen)

May Dance by Brian Hughes
CD: Between Dusk... and Dreaming (Justin Time)

Up to Stay by Danny Heines
CD: One Heart Wild (Silver Wave)

Hour Three Segment Three

Manuel de Falla: Harpsichord Concerto iin D by Ralph Kirkpatrick
LP: Falla: Harpsichord Concerto/Rieti: Partita (Mercury)

Hour Three Segment Four

Charitable Charlatan by Doug Smith
CD: Day Parts: Dinner (American Gramaphone)

There and Gone by Ed Gerhard
CD: There and Gone (self-released)

Muir Woods by Keith Driskill
Digital Album: A Time of Innocence (self-released)

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Classics and Beyond 2006


Segment One

Claude Debussy: Sonata No. 2 for Flute, Viola and Harp
Paige Brook: Flute
Nobuko Imai: Viola
Gloria Agostini: Harp
CD: French and German Flute Masterpieces (New York Philomusica)

Segment Two

John Corigliano: Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
I. Cadenzas
II. Elegy
III. Antiphonal Toccata
Richard Stoltzman: Clarinet
London Symphony Orchestra
Lawrence Leighton Smith: Conductor
CD: The Essential Clarinet (RCA Victor)

Segment Three

G.F. Handel: Oboe Concerto in G Minor No. 6, Op. 1
Mitch Miller: Oboe
Yella Pessl: Harpsichord
78 RPM Disc: Handel: Oboe Concerto (RCA Victor)

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Jazz and More 05-17 and 05-24-20

Due to a technical issue, there was no new show on WQNA on 5/17. So, we are repeating the show on 5/24.

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Vista Range by Jonn Serrie
CD: Planetary Chronicles Vol. 2 (Miramar)

Dimensional Shift by Michael Stearns
CD: Encounter (Hearts of Space)

Through the Black Hole by Anthony Phillips
CD: Private Parts and Pieces VII: Slow Waves, Soft Stars (Audion)

Hour One Segment Two

Odyssey by Frederic Hand
CD: Odyssey (Panoramic)

Diferencias Diferentes by Matthew Greif
CD: Permanent Transition (Metro)

Hour One Segment Three

Taking Flight by The Vijay Iyer Trio
CD: Break Stuff (ECM)

Willow Weep for Me by The Mal Waldron Trio
CD: Free at Last (ECM)

Hour One Segment Four

Chelsea Bells by Gary Burton and Steve Swallow
CD: Hotel Hello (ECM)

Redial by Gary Burton and Friends
CD: Six Pack (GRP)

Hour Two Segment One

Scrapple From the Apple by Jim Hall
CD: Jim Hall Live! (Verve)

80/81 by Pat Metheny
Double CD: 80/81 (ECM)

Hour Two Segment Two

Spirits of Trane by Freddie Hubbard
CD: Keep Your Soul Together (CTI)

Dolphin Dance by Grover Washington Jr.
CD: A Secret Place (Verve)

Hour Two Segment Three

Raag Adana by The Sabri Family
CD: 5 Ragas (ARC)

Mind Ecology by Shakti
CD: Natural Elements (Columbia)

Hour Two Segment Four

Hotta by Sky
CD: Sky 2 (Arista)

Hour Three Segment One

Vive la Quelle? by Secret Oyster
CD: Secret Oyster (Laser's Edge)

Better Off Without You by Terje Rypdal
Triple CD: Odyssey: Studio and Concert (ECM)

Hour Three Segment Two

Hank's Other Tune by Donald Byrd
CD: Byrd's Eye View (Transition)

I Didn't by Miles Davis
CD: The Musings of Miles (Prestige/OJC)

Hour Three Segment Three

The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit by William Ackerman
CD: It Takes a Year (Windham Hill)

Helm's Place by Billy McLaughlin
CD: Guitar Fingerstyle (Narada)

Drehung in der Luft by Hajo Weber and Ulrich Ingenbold
Digital Album: Winterreise (ECM)

Hour Three Segment Four

The Times of Harvey Milk by Mark Isham
CD: Film Music (Windham Hill)

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Upstate Radio Theatre 2009


The Man Called X "Mekong River Dam" 8-8-48
The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show "A Job With Rexall for Willie" 11-7-48

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Lake Air 2005


Segment One

Things Change by Rick Braun
CD: Night Walk (Bluemoon)

What's the Magic Word? by Fred Simon
CD: Since Forever (Naim Jazz)

Those Eyes by Kenny Rankin
CD: Here in My Heart (Private Music)

Captivate Me by Riley Richard
Single: Captivate Me (self-released)

Segment Two

Just Between Us by Norman Brown
CD: Just Between Us (Mojazz)

She Has Arrived by Lisa Addeo
Digital Album: I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Little Black Dress)

(If I Only Have) One Chance by Yutaka
CD: Brazasia (GRP)

On a Chestnut Horse by Fowler and Brance
CD: Etched in Stone (Silver Wave)

Segment Three

I Told U So by David Sanborn
CD: Backstreet (Warner Brothers)

Feels Like Forever by Lindsey Webster
Single: Feels Like Forever (Shanachie)

Obsession Confession by Slash
CD: Rare Requests Smooth Jazz (Rhythm and Groove)

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Something Beautiful 2005


Segment One

Piano Ballade b Paul Mauriat
Besame Mucho by Francis Goya
People Will Say We're in Love by Philip Green
As Long as He Needs Me by Johnny Harris
Non Dimenticar by Andre Gagnon
I'd Really Love to See You Tonight by Frank Chacksfield
In the Arms of Love by Andre Kostelanetz
Sophisticated Lady by Gordon Jenkins
For the Good Times by Floyd Cramer

Segment Two

Island in the Sun by Manuel
Desafinado by Geoff Love
Serenade in the Night by Werner Muller
Dream, Dream, Dream by Mantovani
Theme From "The Apartment" by Billy Vaughan
Strangers in the Night by The Living Strings
Theme From "Love Story" by Ronnie Aldrich
Menina Flor by Judd Downing
The Longest Time by Roger Williams

Jazz Progressions 2006


Segment One

Soon to Know by The Stevens/Fonda Group
CD: Trio (Not Two)

pic Man by Trio 3
CD: Visiting Texture (Intakt)

Segment Two

Prologue/Love, Love by Julian Priester
CD: Love, Love (ECM)

Segment Three

Long Ago Child/Fallen Star by Pat Metheny
CD: New Chautauqua (ECM)

Struggente by Garrison Fewell and Gianni Mimmo
CD: Flawless Dust (Long Song)

Jazz and More 05-10-20

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Beneath an Evening Sky by Ralph Towner
CD: Friends (ECM)

Emerald Light by Alex Cline
CD: The Lamp and the Star (ECM)

Hour One Segment Two

Very Early by Alan Pasqua
CD: Twin Bill (Challenge)

Song for Helen by Bill Evans
CD: New Conversations (Warner Brothers)

Hour One Segment Three

Agitation by Miles Davis
CD: E.S.P. (Columbia)

Eighty One by Herbie Hancock
CD: A Tribute to Miles (Quest)

Hour One Segment Four

Nonesuch by Trapezoid
CD: Trapezoid (Troubadour)

Quetico/The Alleys by Metamora
CD: Metamora (Sugar Hill)

Hour Two Segment One

Double Trouble by Mark Whitfield
CD: Grace (Marksman)

A Little Diddy by Mark Elf
CD: Mark Elf Returns 2014 (Jen Bay)

Hour Two Segment Two

Opening Number by MacKenzie Theory
CD: Out of the Blue (Mushroom)

Toy Symphony by Darryl Way's Wolf
CD: Saturation Point (Esoteric)

Hour Two Segment Three

Ommadawn, Part One by Mike Oldfield
CD: Ommadawn (Virgin)

Hour Two Segment Four

Amy's Song by Peggy Stern
CD: Windham Hill Records Piano Sampler (Windham Hill)

Turning by Bob Read
CD: Piano Solos (Narada)

Hour Three Segment One

Forget Not by The Stephen Anderson Trio
CD: Forget Not (Summit)

On Green Dolphin Street by Joe Sample, Ray Brown and Shelly Manne
CD: The Three (East Wind)

Hour Three Segment Two

Three Blind Mice by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
CD: Three Blind Mice (United Artists)

A Bit of Bassie by The Art Pepper Quintet
CD: Smack Up (Original Jazz Classics)

Hour Three Segment Three

Wind on Water by Fripp and Eno
CD: Evening Star (EG)

Tal Coat by Brian Eno
CD: Ambient 4: On Land (EG)

In Another Country by Tim Story
CD: In Another Country (Eurock)

Hour Three Segment Four

The Water is Wide by Paul McCandless
The Times They Are A-Changin' by Fred Simon
CD: Windham Hill America (Windham Hill)

Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2004


Segment One

Damn That Reality by The Anthony Wonsey Trio
CD: Blues for Hiroshi (Sharp Nine)

Just the Two of Us by Romero Lubambo
CD: Softly (Maxjazz)

Dacor by Art Taylor
CD: Taylor's Tenors (Original Jazz Classics)

Segment Two

I'm Getting Sentimental Over You by The Brian Lynch Quartet
CD: Keep Your Circle Small (Sharp Nine)

A Time for Love by Christine Hitt
CD: You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to (Maxjazz)

Re: Person I Knew by Paul McCandless
CD: Evansiana (Dodicilune)

Segment Three

Emily by Lolly Allen
CD: Coming Home (OA2)

General Assembly by Thomas Marriott
CD: Trumpet Ship (Origin)

Jumpin' the Blues by The Tony Monaco Trio
CD: Burnin' Grooves (Summit)

Monday, May 4, 2020

Lake Air 2004


Segment One

Tonight by Alex Parchment
Digital Album: Burnin' Up (Next Paradigm)

Rain on the Pond by Wayne Gratz
CD: Reminiscence (Narada)

Let Me Count the Ways by Michael Franks
CD: Skin Dive (Warner Brothers)

Palm Strings by Marc Antoine
CD: Universal Language (GRP)

Segment Two

Can't Stop the Rain From Falling by Vincent Ingala
CD: Personal Touch (Shanachie)

Moon Forest Pie by Rich Niebaum
CD: Little Tantrums (self-released)

Desiree by Pierce Pettis
CD: Making Light of It (Compass)

Melting by Jonathan Fritzen
CD: Diamonds (EQ)

Segment Three

Raining by Paula Atherton
CD: Let Me Inside Your Love (Dream)

Crystal Tree by Christopher Franke
CD: Pacific Coast Highway (Private Music)

Once You Had Gold by Enya
CD: The Memory of Trees (Reprise)

Pure Love by John Klemmer
CD: Lifestyle (Living and Loving) (MCA)

Something Beautiful 2004


Segment One

Emily by John Wilson
I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart by The SRP Orchestra
Singin' in the Rain by Conrad Salinger
Lonely Room by Ferrante and Teicher
That Face by Nelson Riddle
Send in the Clowns by The Living Strings
Act Naturally by The Hollyridge Strings
Mull of Kintyre by Curt Shoemaker
Cinema Paradiso Love Theme by Henry Mancini

Segment Two

We May Never Love Like This Again by George Greeley
Dancing in the Dark by Joe Reisman
On the Street Where You Live by Francisco Garcia
If You Could Read My Mind by Franck Pourcel
My Way by Norrie Paramor
The Tip of My Fingers by Lawrence Welk
Dance, Ballerina, Dance by Werner Muller
Rain by Bert Kaemfert
I Can Dream, Can't I? by Charlie Shaffer

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Classics and Beyond 2005


Segment One

Lukas Foss: American Landscapes
I. Slow and Free
II. Variations on "The Wayfaring Stranger"
III. Allegro
Sharon Isbin: Guitar
The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
Hugh Wolf: Conductor
CD: American Landscapes (Virgin)

Segment Two

J.S. Bach: Orchestral Suite No. 1 in C Major, BWV 1066
I. Overture
II. Courante
III. Gavotte I and II
IV. Forlane
V. Menuet I and II
VI. Bouree I and II
VII. Passepied I and II
Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra
Kurt Sanderling: Conductor
78 RPM Album: Bach: Orchestral Suite No. 1 (USSR Ministry of Culture)

Jazz and More 05-03-20

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

Morning on the Lake by Barbara Higbie
CD: Resonance (self-released)

Morning Sketches by Scott Cossu and Eugene Friesen
CD: Reunion (Windham Hill)

Hour One Segment Two

Venice by Steve Elliovson and Colin Walcott
CD: Dawn Dance (ECM)

Walking by Steve Tibbetts
CD: Northern Song (ECM)

Hour One SegmentThree

The Lusty Month of May by Andre Previn
CD: Andre Previn and His Trio Play Music From Lerner and Lowe's Camelot (Cool Note)

Clair de Lune by The David Hazeltine Trio
CD: Impromptu (Chesky)

Worlds Apart by Jeb Patton
CD: A Lovesome Thing (self-released)

Hour One Segment Four

Sara's Touch by Mike Mainieri
CD: Wanderlust (NYC)

Cafe Amore by Spyro Gyra
CD: Carnaval (MCA)

Hour Two Segment One

Untitled Original 11383 (Take 1) by John Coltrane
Double CD: Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album (Impulse!)

Mr. P.C. by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross
Double CD: The Hottest New Group in Jazz (Columbia/Legacy)

I Got Rhythm by Paul Chambers
CD: Go (Suite Beat)

Hour Two Segment Two

Windows by Jack Wilkins
CD: Windows (Solid)

Is That What You Think? by Fabrizio Sotti
CD: Forty (self-released)

Hour Two Segment Three

May Morning Dew/Morrison's Jig by Patrick Ball
CD: Fiona (Celestial Harmonies)

Algues by Dominig Bouchaud and Cyrille Colas
CD: Water Sun (Keltia Musique)

Hour Two Segment Four

Fabian Theory by Michael Askill
CD: Australian Percussion (Celestial Harmonies)

Hour Three Segment One

Out-Bloody-Rageous by The Soft Machine
CD: Third (Columbia)

Hour Three Segment Two

Straight Up and Down by Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, Dave Holland and Roy Haynes
CD: Like Minds (Concord)

Swedish Pastry by Chuck Redd
CD: Happy All the Time (Arbors)

Hour Three Segment Three

Synergy by Synergy
CD: Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra (Passport)

The Great Gate of Kiev by Tomita
CD: Pictures at an Exhibition (RCA)

Hour Three Segment Four

West Wind by Clarelynn Rose
CD: Meadow Run (self-released)

Springtime Groove by Thomas Leeb
CD: Riddle (self-released)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sounds From the Global Village 2005


Segment One

Lizobuya by Vusa Mkhaya
CD: Manyanyatha (ARC)

Tabla Solo Shikhar Tala by The Sabri Family
CD: Spirit of India: Five Ragas for Sarangi and Tabla (ARC)

Ay! Mama Ines by Marialy Pacheco
CD: Introducing Marialy Pacheco (Neuklang)

Segment Two

Oh Nu Kpa, Oh Nu Kpa by Nii Tagoe
CD: West to West (ARC)

The Rocky Road to Dublin by The House Band
CD: Another Setting (Green Linnet)

Jolughabuz az Kundo by The Kambarkan Folk Music Ensemble
CD: Music of Kyrgyzstan (ARC)

Segment Three

Atele by Coco Mbassi
CD: Joa (Conserprod)

Landscape of the Highlands by Tran Quang Hai
CD: Landscape of the Highlands (Music of the World)

Arco do Kama by Carlos Guedes
CD: Toda America (Heads Up)

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Upstate Radio Theatre 2007


CBS Radio Mystery Theater "Watchers of the Living" 3-7-79

Jazz Progressions 2005


Segment One

Ballade Matteotti by Tom Van der Geld and Children at Play
Digital Album: Out Patients (ECM0

Willow by Art Lande, Dave Samuels and Paul McCandless
CD: Skylight (ECM)

Segment Two

Few Too by Barre Phillips
Digital Album: For All it is (ECM)

What's Your Story? by Jiri Stivin and Rudolf Dasek
LP: System Tandem (JAPO)

Segment Three

Balancing on a Wall by The Marie Krutti Trio
CD: Running After the Sun (QFTF)

Bloom in the Commune by The Burton Greene Trio
CD: Live on Tour (ESP-Disk)

Monday, April 27, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2003


Segment One

The Way You Look Tonight by Wilton "Bogey" Gaynair
CD: Blue Bogey (Tempo)

Now's the Time by Stanley Clarke, Patrice Rushen and Ndugu Chancler
CD: Standards (Knd of Blue)

Mop-Mop by Howard McGhee and His Band
CD: Cool Fantasy (Moon)

Segment Two

Mountaintop by Steve Davis
CD: Think Ahead (Smoke Sessions)

I've Got the World on a String by Marjorie Barnes
CD: Once You've Been in Love (Sam Sam)

Blues in the Night by Roni Ben-Hur
CD: Signature (Reservoir)

Segment Three

Bye Bye Blackbird by Claudio Roditi
CD: Double Standards (Reservoir)

Red Zone by Peter Leitch
CD: Red Zone (Reservoir)

If Ever I Would Leave You by Andre Previn
CD: Andre Previn and His Trio Play Music From Lerner and Lowe's Camelot (Cool Note)

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Lake Air 2003


Segment One

For Lovers Only by Wilton Felder
CD: Forever Always (Par)

Flight by Michelle Sell
CD: Dancing on Air (self-released)

How Did You Know? by Paul Taylor
CD: Ladies' Choice (Peak)

Dreamland by David Hungate
CD: Souvenir (Clubhouse)

Segment Two

Taking Off by Andy Snitzer
CD: Traveler (Goose Sound)

Headlands by Clarelynn Rose
CD: Meadow Run (self-released)

That's How Legends Are Made by John Gorka
CD: Land of the Bottom Line (Windham Hill)

Sanctuary by Wind Machine
CD: The Way Back Home (Blue Meteor)

Segment Three

Joy Ride by Althea Rene
CD: Flute Talk (Chocolate Carmel)

African Lullaby by Doug Cameron
CD: Passport (Higher Octave)

I Surrender by Barbara Higbie
CD: I Surrender (Slow Baby)

Rivertown by Scott Wilkie
CD: Boundless (Narada)

Something Beautiful 2003


Segment One

I'll Catch the Sun by The Brass Hat
If I Loved You by Bert Lucarelli
On a Clear Day by The Sunset Strings
Night Flower by The Marina Strings
Today I Met My Love by Johnny Pearson
Canadian Sunset by Pepe Jaramillo
The Haunted Ballroom by John Gregory
The Way We Were by Johnny Douglas
Sailing by Bob Blom

Segment Two

I Talk to the Trees by Mantovani
What a Wonderful World by Roger Bennet
Autumn Leaves by Wout Steenhuis
He Don't Love You Like I Love You by George Greeley
Moon Over Miami by Guy Luypaerts
What to Do by Andre Kostelanetz
Evergreen by Paul Fried
Let Me Love You Tonight by Guitars Unlimited
You Leave Me Breathless by Stanley Black

Classics and Beyond 2004


Segment One

Gudmundur Petursson: Concerto for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in E Major, G. 101
I. Part 1
II. Part 2
III. Part 3
Gudmundur Petursson: Electric Guitar
Sensuous Studio Orchestra
CD: Petursson: Concerto for Electric Guitar and Orchestra (Genuinely Strange)

Segment Two

Max Reger: String Trio No. 1 in A Minor, Op. 77b
I. Sostenuto; Allegro Agitato
II. Larghetto
III. Scherzo; Vivace
IV. Allegro Molto
The Amar Trio
Walter Caspar: Violin
Paul Hindemith: Viola
Rudolph Hindemith: Cello
78 RPM Album: Reger: String Trio No. 1/Hindemith: String Trio (Deutsche Grammophon)

Jazz and More 04-26-20

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

A Cloud of Red Dust by Stefon Harris
CD: A Cloud of Red Dust (Blue Note)

Days and Night Waiting by Steve Wilson
CD: Passages (Stretch)

Hour One Segment Two

For Clara by Bruce Barth
CD: Don't Blame Me (Double-Time)

How Long Has This Been Going On? by Bill Mays
Digital Album: Mays Plays Mays (No Blooz Music)

Hour One Segment Three

Hanging Gardens Transfer by Michael Hoenig
CD: Departure From the Northern Wasteland (Kuckuck)

In-Kant-Able by John Lakveet
CD: The Force of Reason (Groove Unlimited)

Hour One Segment Four

Hiding Place for the Moon by Antoine Dufour
CD: Existence (Candyrat)

Away by Andy McKee
CD: Joyland (Razor & Tie)

Hour Two Segment One

Pure Imagination by Jim Rotondi
CD: Dark Blue (Smoke Sessions)

The Cyclist by Bobby Watson
CD: Made in America (Smoke Sessions)

Hour Two Segment Two

It's Only a Paper Moon by Stevens, Siegel and Ferguson
CD: Six (Konnex)

Strictly Confidential by Rossano Sportiello
CD: Strictly Confidential (Arbors)

Cute by David Benoit
CD: Standards (Kind of Blue)

Hour Two Segment Three

Breda by Andrew White
CD: The Heart of the Celtic Guitar (White Cloud)

Sundown by William Ellwood
CD: Touchstone (Narada)

Dulce Libertad by Lara and Reyes
CD: Exotico (Higher Octave)

Hour Two Segment Four

Red Balloon by Andy Summers
CD: Mysterious Barricades (Private Music)

Cheyenne by Peter Maunu
CD: Windham Hill Records Guitar Sampler (Windham Hill)

Hour Three Segment One

Mating Drive by Lenny White
CD: Venusian Summer (Wounded Bird)

The Wizard by Mingo Lewis
CD: Flight Never Ending (Wounded Bird)

Hour Three Segment Two

In the Spur of the Moment by Steve Turre
CD: In the Spur of the Moment (Telarc)

Nickels and Dimes by J.J. Johnson
CD: First Place (Sony)

Hour Three Segment Three

In Defense of Guinevere by Judith Pintar
CD: Secrets From the Stone (Narada)

Hour Three Segment Four

Orient Point by Double Image
CD: In Lands I Never Saw (Celestial Harmonies)