Friday, January 3, 2020

Jazz and More 01-19-20

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Hour One Segment One

Early Morning Mood by Chet Baker
CD: Chet (Riverside/OJC)

Chasin' the Bird by Bobby Jasper and Herbie Mann
CD: Flute Souffle (Prestige/OJC)

Hour One Segment Two

The Wire by Warren Wolf
CD: Black Wolf (M&I)

Golden Lady by Ben Paterson
CD: Essential Elements (Maxjazz)

Broadway by Steve Watson
CD: Reflections (self-released)

Hour One Segment Three

Observations by Jim Bartz
CD: Pictures of Earth + Space (Audion)

Valley in the Clouds by David Arkenstone
CD: Valley in the Clouds (Narada)

Timescape by Davol
CD: Mystic Waters (Silver Wave)

Hour One Segment Four

Tribute to Robert Frost by Devin Rice and Erin Aas
CD: Arrival (self-released)

Saving Grace by Richard Souther
CD: Wisdom of the Wood: Contemporary Acoustic Music (Narada)

Hour Two Segment One

You're Still My Baby by George Benson
CD: Twice the Love (Warner Brothers)

Deep Blue by Richard Elliot
CD: Soul Embrace (Capitol)

Sycamore Soul by Cindy Bradley
CD: Bloom (Trippin 'N' Rhythm)

Hour Two Segment Two

Steps, Paths and Journeys by Stephen Scott
CD: Something to Consider (Verve)

All in Love is Fair by Stefano Battaglia
CD: Things Ain't What They Used to Be (Splas(c)h)

Hour Two Segment Three

Incantations Part Four by Mike Oldfield
CD: Incantations (Virgin)

Hour Two Segment Four

John Cage: Suite for Toy Piano by Margaret Leng Tan
CD: Daughters of the Lonesome Isle (New Albion)

Hour Three Segment One

I Will Tell Him on You by Miroslav Vitous
CD: Infinite Search (Atlantic)

Hyrax by Jasper Van't Hof
CD: Eyeball (Solid)

Hour Three Segment Two

Just Friends by The LA4
CD: Just Friends (Groove Note)

There Will Never Be Another You by Andre Previn, Joe Pass and Ray Brown
CD: After Hours (Telarc)

Hour Three Segment Three

Binga Amekwenda Kapa by The Culture Musical Club
CD: Taarab 4 (self-released)

Noqu Vanua by The Solovola Village Group
CD: Fiji: Songs of Love and Homeland: String Band Music (Smithsonian Folkways)

Vorony by The Ukrainians
CD: Vorony (Xenophile)

Hour Three Segment Four

Jorge Morel: Little Rhapsody by Ricardo Cobo
CD: Latin American Guitar Music (Naxos)

Muir Woods by Andrew York
CD: Perfect Sky (Timeless)

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Sounds From the Global Village 2001


Segment One

N'diyanomo by N'faly Kouyate
CD: Kora Grooves From West Africa (ARC)

Ya Damiti by Daoud and Saleh Al-Kuwaity
CD: Masters of Iraqi Music (ARC)

Te Ture a Te Ariki by The Tahitian Choir
CD: The Tahitian Choir Vol. 2: Rapa Iti (Shanachie)

Segment Two

Mashambe Nzoo by Balafon Marimba Ensemble
CD: Balafon Marimba Ensemble (Shanachie)

Phu Pwae Lat Tin by Unknown Artist
CD: White Elephants and Golden Ducks: Enchanting Musical Treasures From Burma (Shanachie)

Good Morning to Your Nightcap/Martin Wynne's by Patrick Ball
CD: Fair Play (Celestial Harmonies)

Segment Three

Extra Ball by Loketo
CD: Extra Ball (Shanachie)

Ave Maria Lola by Conjunto Imagen
CD: The Rough Guide to Salsa Dance (World Music Network)

Thillana by Jyotsna Srikanth
CD: The Rough Guide to Psychedelic India (World Music Network)

Jazz Progressions 2001


Segment One

Roadrunner by Daniel Carter
CD: Language (Origin)

The Length of the Tail Doesn't Really Matter, But it Must be Bushy by The Michael Vlatkovich Tritet
CD: Queen Dynamo (Origin)

Segment Two

141 by Aaron Lebos Reality
Digital Album: 141 Layers of Ikigai (self-released)

Babies and Bad People by Robb Cappelletto
Digital EP: Double Red (self-released)

Kir by The Sergio Poli Ensamble
Digital Album: Defectos Especiales (self-released)

Segment Three

Amelia Earhart by The Muffins
CD: Manna/Mirage (Cuneiform)

Monday, December 30, 2019

Upstate Radio Theatre 1935


Request Performance "The Bet" 2-3-46
Suspense "The 32nd of December" 12-28-58
Readers Digest "Shakespeare's Home Town" 12-17-57

Something Beautiful 1920


Segment One

Something to Remember You By by Syd Dale
Pearly Shells by Tommy Garrett
I Honestly Love You by George Greeley
Where is the Love? by Ronnie Aldrich
Fly Me to the Moon by Andre Kostelanetz
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Gordon Huntley
One Love by The Living Strings
More Than You Know by Enoch Light
You Only Live Twice by Johnny Gibbs

Segment Two

I Know About Love by Mantovani
Big Girls Don't Cry by The Hollyridge Strings
Ramona by Geoff Love
A Day in the Life of a Fool by Tony Mottola
They Say It's Wonderful by Beegie Adair
Ballade Pour Adeline by Jean Louis Van Dam
Things We Said Today b Nick Ingman
Mostly for Lovers by The American Symphonette Orchestra
Maria My Own by Los Indios Tabajaras
I Will Be Here for You by Bob Blom

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Classics and Beyond 1930


Segment One

Claude Bolling: Concerto for Classical Guitar and Jazz Piano
I. Hispanic Dance (With a Blues Touch)
II. Mexicaine
III. Invention
IV. Serenade
V. Rhapsodie
VI. Africaine
VII. Finale
Alexander Lagoya: Guitar
Claude Bolling: Piano
Michel Gaudry and Marc Michel: Bass
Marcel Sabiani and Andre Arpino: Drums
LP: Concerto for Classical Guitar and Jazz Piano (RCA Victor)

Segment Two

Sylvius Leopold Weiss: Lute Sonata in C Minor
I. Fantasie
II. Allemande
III. Courante
IV. Sarabande
V. Gavotte
VI. Gigue
Jakob Lindberg: Lute
CD: Weiss: Lute Music (BIS)

Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Jazz Scene 1923


Segment One

Wire Walker by Joe Locke
CD: Wire Walker (Steeplechase)

One for Reuben by Mino Lanzieri
Digital Album: Vibes (Filibusta)

Without a Song by Richard Cole
CD: The Forgotten (Origin)

Segment Two

Highway 14 by Alan Pasqua
CD: My New Old Friend (Cryptogramophone)

You Stepped Out of a Dream by Peter Cincotti
CD: Peter Cincotti (Concord)

Forecast by Jeff McGregor
Digital Album: Leap (self-released)

Segment Three

Moon River by The Vince Guaraldi Trio
CD: Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus (Fantasy/OJC)

This is New by The Ed Barrett Trio
Digital Album: Listen Hear (self-released)

East St. Louis by Russell Gunn
CD: Young Gunn Plus (32 Jazz)