Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2013


Segment One

Fantasy in D Flat by The Adam Shulman Sextet
CD: Full Tilt (Cellar Live)

Yesterdays by Michael Cochrane
CD: Discovery (Steeplechase)

Keep the Master in Mind by Heads of State
CD: Four in One (Smoke Sessions)

Segment Two

Blues for Sheila by Charles Earland
CD: Slammin' and Jammin' (Savant)

You Go to My Head by Ann Richards
CD: Ann, Man! (Atlantic)

Just in Time by Adam Makowicz
CD: A Handful of Stars (Solid)

Segment Three

Tenor Madness by Ari Ambrose and Stephen Riley
CD: Tenor Treats (Steeplechase)

Racing by The George Wallington Trio
Double CD: Complete Sessions 1949-1956 (Fresh Sound)

Exactly Like You by Ove Lind
Digital Album: Swingin' Down the Lane (Vax)

Monday, August 3, 2020

Classics and Beyond 2013


Segment One

Manuel de Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain
Gonzalo Soriano: Piano
Orchestra of the Paris Conservatoire
Raphael Fruhbeck de Burgos: Conductor
LP: Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain/Harpsichord Concerto No. 2 (Angel)

Segment Two

Richard Strauss: Concerto for Oboe and Small Orchestra in D Major
Lothar Koch: Oboe
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Herbert Von Karajan: Conductor
LP: Strauss: Oboe Concerto/Horn Concerto No. 2 (Deutsche Grammophon)

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Jazz and More 08-02-20

Listen Hour 1
Listen Hour 2
Listen Hour 3

Hour One Segment One

A Time for Love by the Mike Moreno Trio
CD: Three for Three (Criss Cross)

Neeta by The Ted Dunbar Quartet
CD: Gentle Time Alone (Steeplechase)

Hour One Segment Two

Rapunzel by The Hoops McCann Band
CD: Plays the Music of Steely Dan (MCA)

A Medley of Songs by Stevie Wonder by The Airmen of Note
LP: On the Air (U.S. Air Force)

Hour One Segment Three

Crystal Dance by Tom Barabas
CD: Piano Impressions (Soundings of the Planet)

Mediterranean Suite by Ralph Zurmuhle
CD: Equinox (Valley)

Hour One Segment Four

Hunting Song by Pentangle
CD: Basket of Light (Shanachie)

My Brown-Haired Maiden Love of My Hart by Silly Wizard
CD: Kiss the Tears Away (Shanachie)

Hour Two Segment One

Sisko by Steve Wilson
CD: Generations (Concord)

Dream Dancing by Dave Young
CD: Mean What You Say (self-released)

Hour Two Segment Two

A Valencia by Iceberg
CD: Coses Nostres (Picap)

Captain Fingers by Lee Ritenour
CD: Captain Fingers (Epic)

Hour Two Segment Three

Panorphelia by Edgar Froese
CD: Aqua (Virgin)

Add Space to Time by Software
CD: Electronic Universe Part 1 (Innovative Communication)

Hour Two Segment Four

Samba di Lobo by Burkhard Wolters
Roundhouse by Dylan Fowler
CD: Acoustic Guitar Highlights, Vol. 4 (Solid Air)

Hour Three Segment One

Past Tense by Adam Makowicz
CD: A Handful of Stars (Solid)

Snuffaluffagas by Brittany Anjou
CD: Enamigo Recriprokataj (Origin)

Hour Three Segment Two

Theme From "Blow Up" by Bob Sneider and Joe Locke
CD: Nocturne for Ava (Origin)

Quick and Running by Gary Burton
CD: Reunion (GRP)

Hour Three Segment Three

Mad Rush by Philip Glass
CD: Solo Piano (Sony)

Hour Three Segment Four

Summer Fields by Wind Machine
CD: Change of Face (Blue Meteor)

Africa by Checkfield
CD: Water Wind and Stone (American Gramaphone)

Euphonia by Vincenzo Zitello
CD: Euphonia (Narada)

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2002


Segment One

Living Thunder by Bruce Becvar
CD: The Nature of Things (Shining Star)

Storm River by Jim Chappell
CD: Living the Northern Summer (Music West)

Light by Deuter
CD: Cicada (Kuckuck)

Catu by Ikarus
CD: Touched the Sun (Earth Tone)

Fortune Smiles by Barbara Higbie
CD: Windham Hill Piano Sampler II (Windham Hill)

Segment Two

Horizon by Oystein Sevag
CD: Close Your Eyes and See (Windham Hill)

You Saw His Eyes by Mary McLaughlin
CD: Daughter of Lir (Gourd)

Spring Temple Forest by Iasos
CD: Realms of Light (Inter-Dimensional)

Miasma by Bill Mize
CD: Tender Explorations (Moon Pie in the Sky)

I Wonder Where You Went by Michelle Sell
CD: Secret Harbor (Sugo)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2003


Segment One

Wrong Reasons by Davol
CD: Nature of the Beast (Silver Wave)

Los Moros by Gino D'Auri
CD: Flamenco Mystico (Hearts of Space)

Natural Habitat by Kit Walker
CD: Dancing on the Edge of the World (Windham Hill)

Unicorn by the Blue Chip Orchestra
CD: Magic Age II (Erdenklang)

Toys Not Ties by Nightnoise
CD: Something of Time (Windham Hill)

Segment Two

Footprints in the Sky by Meg Bowles
CD: Blue Cosmos (Kumatone)

Sleeping Lady by Alex de Grassi
CD: Slow Circle (Windham Hill)

The Medicine Wheel by James Asher
CD: Globalarium (Silver Wave)

Water Circles by Mia Jang
CD: Water Circles (Narada)

L'enfant by Vangelis
CD: Opera Sauvage (Polydor)

Impreston by David Stevenson
CD: Echoes of an Inner Domain (self-released)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2006


Segment One

Samadhi by Shiho
CD: Purple Sails (Hearts of Space)

Elysian Fields by William Ellwood
CD: Natural Selection (Narada)

Awakening by Secret Garden
CD: Just the Two of Us (Hearts of Space)

Illumination by Gershon Kingsley
CD: Cruisers 1.0 (Hearts of Space)

The Buttonhole by Patrick Ball
CD: Fiona (Celestial Harmonies)

Segment Two

Waterfall by Sandy Owen
CD: Soliloquy (Ivory)

The Silent Pool by Children of Dub
CD: The Silent Pool (Diversity)

Because of the Rain by James Wilkinson
CD: Because of the Rain (White Cloud)

Ocala by Wayne Gratz
CD: The Narada Wilderness Collection (Narada)

Micro Macro by Andreas Vollenweider
CD: Behind the Gardens, Behind the Wall, Under the Tree (Columbia)

Lake Air Deep Tracks 2007


Segment One

Aurora by Giles Reaves
CD: Sea of Glass (Hearts of Space)

The Place Where Monarchs Go by Lawrence Blatt
CD: Emergence (LMB)

Delta Waves by Ben Cox
CD: Consciousness and Other Tricks of the Light (Spotted Peccary)

Coming Home by Peter Kater
CD: Piano (Point of Light)

Ethereal Mood by Jean-Luc Ponty
CD: Cosmic Messenger (Atlantic)

Segment Two

Meeresleuchten by Kamal
CD: Quiet Earth (New Earth)

Lydia by Tim Story
CD: The Perfect Flaw (Hearts of Space)

Inside by Moby
CD: Play (Mute)

Northern Lights by Emily Bear
CD: The Love in Us (self-released)