Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Upstate Radio Theatre 2012


The Lone Ranger "Crooked Banker and Sheriff" 1-19-38
The Green Hornet "Justice Wears a Blindfold" 3-6-36

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Jazz Scene 2009


Segment One

We Would Love to Have You by The Event Horizon Jazz Quartet
CD: Event Horizon (EJHQ)

Miss Ann by Marvin "Smitty" Smith
CD: Keeper of the Drums (Concord)

The New Life by Ratko Zjaca
Digital Album: The Places You Will Go (In-Out)

Segment Two

Reedus' Rendezvous by James Williams
CD: Meet the Magical Trio (Emarcy)

The End of a Love Affair by Joe Barbieri
CD: Dear Billie (MustHaveJazz)

Rifftide by Howard McGhee
CD: The Return of Howard McGhee (Solid)

Segment Three

Backup by Larry Young
CD: Into Somethin' (Blue Note)

Jazzy by Claude Bolling
CD: Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio No. 2 (Columbia)

Yes or No by Tim Coffman
CD: Crossroads (Blujazz)

Jazz Progressions 2008


Segment One

Fire of Spirits by Frank Wright
CD: Your Prayer (ESP-Disk)

Niggle Feuigle by Cecil Taylor
Double LP: Student Studies (BYG)

Segment Two

Crackin by Last Exit
LP: Last Exit (Enemy)

Fingers and Toes by Bring Back Pluto
CD: Underneath (self-released)

Groove Field by Flugzeug Trio
Digital Album: My Imagination Runs Wild (What's the Point)

Segment Three

Earwax by Association
LP: Earwax (Munich)

Jasper and Out by Lol Coxhill
CD: Toverbal Sweet Plus (See for Miles)

Friday, July 3, 2020

Classics and Beyond 2009


Segment One

Josef Haydn: String Quartet No. 5 in F Minor, Op. 20
The Koeckert Quartett
Double LP: Haydn: Sun Quartets (Deutsche Gramaphon)

Segment Two

Karlheinze Stockhausen: Zyklus (Work 9)
Max Neuhaus: Percussion
Otto Luening: Gargoyles
Otto Luening: Electronics
Max Pollikof: Violin
Luciano Berio: Serenade 1 for Flute and 14 Instruments
Severino Gazzelloni:Flute
Rome Symphony Orchestra
Bruno Maderna: Conductor
CD Box Set: Masterworks of the 20th Century (Sony)

Lake Air 2006


Segment One

Let's Take a Ride by Nicholas Cole
CD: Night Sessions (Trippin' 'N' Rhythm)

Ocean Dance by Wind Machine
CD: Distant Shore (Blue Meteor)

I Coulnd't Love You More by Sade
CD: Love Deluxe (Epic)

I Miss You With Me by Everette Harp
CD: For the Love (Blue Note)

Segment Two

Time After Time by Miles Davis
CD: You're Under Arrest (Columbia)

Reflections of You by Tim Heintz
CD: Searching the Heart (Century 22)

Make it Love by Livingston Taylor
CD: Life is Good (Critique)

Love Notes by Bruce McKenzie
CD: After Dark (self-released)

Segment Three

Theme II by Alex Murzyn
CD: Cross Currents (Kamei)

El Condor by Marcos Ariel
CD: Piano Brasileiro (Som Livre)

Dark is the Night by Shakatak
CD: Out of This World (Polydor)

Life Enigma by Jean-Luc Ponty
CD: Life Enigma (JLP)

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Lake Air 2008


Segment One

Fast Train by Brian Hughes
CD: Fast Train to a Quiet Place (Sylvan House)

Companions by David Arkenstone
CD: Spirit Wind (Windham Hill)

Make That Dream Come True by Fattburger
CD: Good News (Intima)

Night Time Lady by Kim Waters
CD: Sax Appeal (Warlock)

Segment Two

My Funny Valentine by Sherry Winston
CD: For Your Love (self-released)

Scotland by Hadley Hockensmith
CD: Heartsongs (Meadowlark)

Spiritus by Lorelei
CD: Spiritus (Soundings of the Planet)

Midnight Secrets by Jonathan Fritzen
CD: Love Birds (self-released)

Segment Three

Macondo by Ray Obiedo
CD: Sweet Summer Days (Windham Hill)

Flying Condor by Cusco
CD: 2000 (Higher Octave)

Adventures in Paradise by Tuck and Patti
CD: Summer Solstice 2 (Windham Hill)

Marisa's Song by Charles Michael Brotman
CD: Mango Cooler (Global Pacific)

Monday, June 29, 2020