Thursday, July 19, 2018

Jazz Progressions 1810


Segment One

Musical Monsters 1 by Don Cherry, John Tchicai, Irene Schweizer, Leon Francioli and Pierre Favre
CD: Musical Monsters (Intakt)

Recall by District Five
CD: Decoy (Intakt)

Segment Two

Santiago by Dedalus
CD: Dedalus (Vinyl Magic)

Pava by Speed Limit
LP: Speed Limit (Le Chant du Monde)

Smile by Moira
LP: Crazy Countdown (Schneeball)

Segment Three

Zero Tolerance for Silence Part 4 by Pat Metheny
CD: Zero Tolerance for Silence (Geffen)

The Network of Sparks, A: The Delicate Code by David Torn
CD: Cloud About Mercury (ECM)

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