Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jazz Progressions 1620


Segment One

Stately Dance for Miss Primm by The Keith Tippett Group
CD: You Are Here...I Am There (Cherry Red)

Torrid Zone by Ian Carr's Nucleus
Double CD: Elastic Rock/We'll Talk About it Later (BGO)

Segment Two

Pea Song by The Electromagnets
CD: Electromagnets II (Vortexan Music)

Foul Group Practices by Major Surgery
CD: The First Cut (Proper Music)

Air Rock by Jukka Tolonen
CD: Passenger to Paramaribo (Lush)

Segment Three

The Great Medicine Dance by Love Cry Want
Double LP: Love Cry Want (Weird Forest)

All Through Over You/Nearer by Ray Russell
LP: Secret Asylum (Black Lion)

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